New: Lush Raffles City with Personal Skin Consultation + Why you should try Lush

On July 7, 2018 by Michelle

Hi all!


Lush just launched their newest outlet at Raffles City.

Spotted were the new Jelly Face Mask as well as Turtle Jelly Bomb which is bringing awareness of how humans are slowly destroying the ocean and killing all the innocent sea turtles every day. The damage may have already been done, but if we do not raise awareness now, our Earth will longer be sustainable.

Why we should try LUSH products?

The products are all natural, with added essential oils. Even their ingredients for self-preserving products are natural.

Their products are Animal-friendly and some products are even Vegan-friendly. No innocent animals being harmed during the process of innovating or creating the products.

Their gift sets contains both full-sized and mini sized products for first timers to try out!

Their smaller packagings such as their tubs are a great way to decant your products for traveling. Big pots can even be used to grow a plant! I’m all for recycling.

The newest addition for the Lush outlet has to be the counter dedicated for personal one to one consultations where they let you try some of their products handpicked based on your skin.

My skin was dehydrated and oily, and these were the products that were recommended to keep my oils at bay while still ensuring that the skin is well hydrated:

Face cleansers –

  • Dark angels
  • Herbalism

Face mask –

  • Mask of Magnaminty
  • Cupcake

Face cream –

  • Vanishing cream
  • Enzymion

I brought home a sample of Herbalism and I can say that this has been quite refreshing for my skin plus the almond bits acts as an natural exfoliator for the skin.

Between Mask of Magnaminty and Cupcake, I had to choose the latter as I am a chocoholic! Every time I applied the mask, I felt like licking my own skin.

Visit the new Lush outlet now at:

Telephone: 6271 5088
252 North Bridge Road 01-42
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore, 179103

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