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On October 10, 2016 by Michelle


October is here which means that the focus is now on the ghosts, zombies, witches – HALLOWEEN!


And just a few months time, CHRISTMAS is here! I had a chance to preview the Christmas collection at Lush Suntec City yesterday! It was a lovely evening after work as the enthusiastic peeps from LUSH were so elated to introduce to us the spread of the LUSH collection. Each LUSH fairy had actually went through every product detailedly with us that evening.


Halloween collection

Autumn leaves $13.00


I love how this #bathart turns out. The pastel colours are so memesrizing.

Autumn leaf dapple your bath red and yellow, as falling leaves signify the start of winter. From the comfort of a hot bath, watch as the evenings draw in, and the trees don vibrant plumage. The scent of fresh grass evokes the crunch of crisp leaves underfoot as the last remnants of summer are stolen away.


Boo! $10.00

Leave your unfinished business at the door as calming mimosa and earthy, warming ginger coax you into the bubbly water. Your bath is this meringue-shaped ghost’s favourite haunt; just pop under running water to ensure your ghostess offers the mostess. Fair trade organic cocoa butter may melt away but the effects are clear: skin feels softer and grounding sandalwood combines with vivid Sicilian madarin oil to make you feel spooktacular. Boo might look adorable, but it takes relaxing the spirits dead seriously.


Lord of Misrule Bomb $15.00

To get you into a party mood of your own, the shape of this regal bath bomb was inspired by the crown-wearing peasant known as the Lord of Misrule. Appointed to oversee the Pagan festival known as The Feast of Fools, the wine coloured centre of this bomb eas added to match the boozy winter festivities.

Can you see the “blood” oozing out of the bath bomb? So wicked!


Monster Ball $14.00

The LUSH faries said that these are inspired by the Disney charactor from Monster Inc, only that this one-eyed monster is in purple and pink!

Eye spy with this little eye something beginning with BOO! This monster mash-up of lime and neroli oils is a sure fire way to get the party started, and leave you feelin’ Franken-fine all night long.

Christmas collection


Bubble bar wands


Magic wand $22.00

Every Snow Fairy needs their Magic Wand to make dreams come true. Why not swirl the wand in the bath and watch bubbles appear as if by magic.Save some for next time (and even the time after) by popping your reusable wand on the side to dry out. Don’t forget to make a wish!

I love how they added the bells to each wand, which let you jingle all the way!

Santauras $22.00

Roaring fires signal the beginning of Christmas. Chilly toes wait eagerly for them. Blankets view them with a little jealous trepidation. They mean hot chocolate by the mugful, spicy punch by the tankard, games of charades, onesies, tinsel-covered trees, repeats on tv, mince pies and dinosaurs. And roaring fires aren’t just found in the fireplace; they’re found when you hold this Santasaurus under a raging tap and watch the bubbles of joyous Brazilian orange and fun, fruity bergamot oil fly out.


Jester $22.00

Sharp and zesty tangerine oil bubbles say the soak’s on you! This jingly jangly, sweet as candy, reusable bar is packed with enough Sicilian mandarin to have you turning cartwheels round the room and bouncing off the walls. Sugar coat your soaks more than once, by swishing around the bath or dancing under the running water, for peaks of colourful foam and bubbles galore.


Shooting stars $13.00

This zesty lime and lemon oil soap feels just as good after lights out as it does before night out. Lemon oil from groves on the Mediterranean island of Sicily makes this soap a fantastic wake up call before heading out to party, while also providing instant cheer on a night in to yourself. Joyous colour, lustres and uplifting bergamot oil evoke sensational shooting stars, so stroke over skin for a stream of scent as tantalising as sherbet.


Mr. Sandman $29.00

Tried this one last evening and this feels just like baby powder! The powder is finely milled and not to mention, the sparkles makes you look like a golden goddess at night.

In tales – forgotten now by all but the oldest of children – the Sandman sends the restless gently to sleep with a fine dusting of sand to ease their eyes closed.Lavender and chamomile powders bring the legend of the Sandman to new audiences, without blowing the beach the beach in anyone’s eyes. Sweet dreams are made with lavende roil and comforting, vanilla-like tonka absolute too, before a delicate shimmer of gold lustre finishes off the slumber party. Dust before bedtime.


Sleepy $45.00

You’ll sleep in heavenly peace after dipping into this dreamy lotion, made with a gentle oatmeal infusion, calming lavender flower and comfortingly sweet tonka absolute. A rich, malty and floral perfume conjures up visions of sugar plums and hot drinks topped with whipped cream while the heavenly ministrations of creamy Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and delicate lavender water cool and enrich the skin. Blanket your body in this lovely lotion before stepping into soft pyjamas for snuggly winter nights beside the fire.



Luxury Lush Pud $15.00

Oh bring us some figgy pudding and a tub of good cheer; a Christmas pudding this sweet and malty is worth enjoying early – and all to yourself. Dessert-scented tonka and relaxing lavender melt into clouds of pillowy foam as a blanket of benzoin resinoid casts a serenely creamy spell. Satisfy your Christmas cravings with a bath before drifting off into a deep and tranquil sleep.


Mistletoe $13.00

Don’t get caught under the mistletoe this Christmas; pop it straight in the bath and leap in! A dizzyingly romantic, sweet-as-kisses bundle of heady jasmine and sultry vetivert begin your festive romance. As floral layers of colour fizz away they conjure up a nostalgic fairy tale fragrance that’s sure to sweep you off your feet.


Shoot for the stars $15.00

Honey-scented sparkles of Brazilian orange and bergamot waltz with swirling, golden stars, creating a world of cobalt colour. As the calming blanket of shimmering, midnight blue unfolds, Brazilian orange and bergamot oils combine to send your mood roacketing up to the stars.


Snow Fairy Conditioner

Candy floss water sets the scene, evoking the excitement of enchanting fairgrounds and disappearing bites of sugary fluff. To enter this otherworldly carnival, you need only step into the shower. Smooth the rich, buttery conditioner over your entire body and as you do, you’ll rise above it all on a ferris wheel of saccharine, fairy tale sweetness. Organic cocoa butter, mango and avocado swirl together to hydrate and soften the skin. When you’re ready, rinse off and return to Earth.


Papa Noel Face Wash Jelly $29.00

Open the lid with a gruff, morning sigh, then a lamenting soliloquy about kids these days before popping your wobbly white beard on ready for the morning wash. ‘Come to Papa!’ the whole fresh organic orange and lemon inside seem to call, enticing your chin in with the energising fragrance of just-peeled tangerines and limes. Once the obligatory selfie is taken and appropriately filtered, gently work up a lather with your jelly: you can build a creamy texture in your hands first or stroke straight over the face and neck. Rich, organic jojoba oil and moisturising carrageenan (extracted from seaweed) provide a delightfully soothing texture for gentle, brightening cleanses.


Bubbly shower gel $55.00

You gotta pop the top,And then you gotta shower down,‘Cause if you believe that the bubbles can cheer you up,Make the bathroom your playground!And soon you will find,That fresh grape, sweet wild orange and lime,Have brightened your mood up!A bucks fizz breakfast boost packed full of sweet orange oil and fresh grape juice to help your morning go off with a bang, or should that be pop?


Christingle Body Conditioner $50.00

Who will top the Christmas tingles chart? With peppermint and menthol crystals to awaken and stimulate the body, this is the number one to turn to over the festive season. Cover wet skin with the feeling of fresh, crisp snow by smoothing on invigorating spearmint and grapefruit oils for a citrus and mint kick. Then, simply rinse off for clearer minds and softer bodies.


Candy Cane $19.90

Go down through mountain passes, forest encroaching on every side, and enter into a candy cane clearing. The air is thick with fresh mint and your skin feels cool with the slightest hint of tingly. Creamy fair trade organic cocoa butter, soya milk and almond oil are enveloped in paper made from fresh honeydew melon pulp. When you smooth a slice over skin, you’ll enjoy indulgent, softening washes. After you rinse off, rich, grounding scent of cedarwood and cypress will linger on.

Yog Log $19.90

Comforting caramel caresses are just a lather away, whatever the weather. This satisfyingly squidgy smoothie of spicy clove bud oil, ylang ylang and softening cocoa butter will have you feeling warm and fuzzy all day long.Like a lovely soapy, swiss roll, just grab a handful of toffee-sweet smoothie and lavish all over.


Salt and Peppermint Bark Shower Scrub $20.00

You’d be forgiven for thinking that most Amercian exports are to be avoided (please refer to throwing footballs by hand). Most, that is, except peppermint bark. The brittle, sweet stateside treat inspired this peppermint oil and fine sea salt scrub. Alas, this version’s inedible. As the salt inside exfoliates skin, fair trade organic cocoa and cupuacu butters leave your body feeling exquisitely soft. Tempting cany cane scent mingles with the cooling sensation of peppermint, so you can create a new festive tradition without travelling across the pond.


Santa Belly Jelly $18.00

Santa’s chomped his way through a sled-load of tasty fireplace treats and now he’s full of fresh apple juice! Shake his belly like a bowl full of jelly and lather up with sweet and fruity bergamot oil, soothing rose absolute and uplifting neroli for indulgent cleansing. Carrageenan seaweed gives this rounded wobbler plenty of jiggle and softness for the gentlest festive washes.

This smells amazing, reminds me of candy apple! I love the fact that you can wiggle it like a santa claus belly.


Snowman Jelly $18.00

This snowman-shaped jelly is made with a refreshing scent that is as bright as the sun reflecting off freshly fallen snow! Buchu, bergamot and Sicilian lemon oil boost the mood and soften the skin, while carrot infusion is added because, well, what else would a snowman smell?

Do you have any LUSH item in your wishlist?


Thanks for reading ~

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