New: L’Oreal Mat Magique all-in-one Powder Foundation

On May 10, 2014 by Michelle

Hi all!


L’Oreal has come up with a new foundation poweder just for us peeps in hot and humid weathers!


Introducing L’Oreal latest innovation that was developed specially for South East Asian skin type, Mat Magique all in one Powder Foundation that gives you the matte poreless finish you love. It is also so lightweight that you need not worry about cakey skin or it being pore clogging.

Infused with Volcanic Perlite, this natural yet powerful sebum absorbent keeps shine at bay for 12 hours. This also makes your blotters redundant!

Hand was sprayed with olive oil. Imagine our face being that oily!

With just 1 coat of the foundation, it instantly mattifies the skin!

If you have oily-combination skin, simply apply the powder as your foundation after your last skincare step or primer.

You can also use the foundation as a touch up powder to instantly mattify your skin mid-day. No oily/combination skin but has oily eye lids that makes your eyeliner smudges? Simply apply the powder on your eyelids and then apply your eyeliner to keep them looking sharp and chic all day.

Taken indoors.

Left to Right: R1, N1, N2, G1, G2

Taken outdoors.

Available in 5 Asian Specific shades.

This foundation is also SPF34 pA+++ and non-comdogenic.

RSP: $30.90

Refill available from June 2014 onwards at $20.90



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4 Responses to “New: L’Oreal Mat Magique all-in-one Powder Foundation”

  • Evelyn

    Hi! How long does the product stay on? Especially in the hot weather in sg… And is this worth the 30 bucks? hahaha 😀

    Thank you!!

    • Michelle

      Hi! For me, I find it using it a lot for touch-ups! The product does stay, but you really got to pat the product on your face. When I swipe the product on the face, the layer tends to be thicker, so during extremely hot weathers (like the insane weather the past few days), the foundation sort of melted. The key in using this product is to go light-handed and it will be mattifying for at least 4 hours! Hope this helps.

  • ayesha

    Hey, do i apply this before or after bb cream?

    • Michelle

      You can apply this after BB cream because powder should always go after cream products to prevent patchiness.

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