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On July 15, 2018 by Michelle

Hi all!


I have also been curious on the quality of the makeup brushes from Taobao – which is a leading Ebay-like marketplace for Chinese retail shops. I chanced upon this set of eyeshadow makeup brushes that resemble a magical wand from the Harry Potter franchise. Although these designs are not exactly the same from the Harry Potter franchise, they do give off this magical vibe.

The Chinese retailer even sells Sailormoon inspired or Cardcaptor Sakura inspired makeup brushes which I am eyeing to get them next!

Look at the detail of the brush handle / wands. These brushes are heavy to the feel too, and I am not kidding when I said that they are heavy! These wands are definitely made of metal and not wood.

Here is another close-up.

Enough of the handles, let’s us look at the functionality of the brush. What is included in the set:

  • Angled eye contour brush
  • Blending brush
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Small dome brush
  • Eyeliner brush

After using this set for weeks, my most used brush from this set has to be the eyeshadow paddle brush as well as the dome brush which works great when applying highlighter to the inner corners of the eye. As the brushes are made of synthetic bristles, the eyeshadow brush works great when wet, which can pick up a good amount of pigments from my eyeshadow, especially those metallic shades.

If you love collecting these themed makeup brushes, I do recommend checking them out. Link to the makeup brushes are HERE, and they retail for around SGD$10 (USD$7.50) which to me, is very affordable for a decent set of eyeshadow brushes.



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