Nails: Korean Trend Pressed Flower Nail Art

On April 12, 2017 by Michelle

Forgot to sing praises for my nails which I did a week back! While I ranted on my Valentine’s day manicure with Milly’s some time back, I purchased a promotion package at Vanitee app for pressed flower nails at $40 nett.


This is the package I bought! I think it is still available for now! Seems like it has been ongoing for quite a few months.

As you can see, I was inspired by the nail art on this photo promoted on the app.

The salon I visited was Hanakura Bliss located at Bugis Village 2nd floor.

The shop is located along the stretch of nail salons and it is very easy to find her shop, which is of light blue and nautical theme. Just look for the shop in blue in the sea of pink!

The manicurist was very meticulous with her work and really take her time and effort to place the dried flower strands and petals on my nails. She ensured that the placement is perfect and suits my nail shape.

As she placed hard gel on my nails for the petals, my set of nails has been going strong. No chipping or whatsoever!

I really love this new Korean nail trend. So demure and feminine. The flowers reminded me of the embroidery on clothes except that this is on the nails!

Each flower petal is very delicate and fragile so I am glad to have purchased the $40 package from Vanitee! ????

A little blur, but this is the close up of the flowers.
I am so tempted to do this pressed flower nail trend for my wedding nails. ????

That would be something unique.

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