My X’mas & X’mas gift haul! (Pictures heavy)

On December 25, 2010 by Michelle

Yesterday was Christmas but I would still like to wish everybody a Merry Xmas and a Happy near year! Though today is not exactly a very happy day as it marks the anniversary of the Boxing day 2006 Tsunami, I would still like to fill this post with lots of happy (in my case) photos!

This Christmas, I did loads of cooking and baking, the most in my life! First, I baked a cake for my friend’s birthday on the 23rd. This was my first attempt in baking a cake and a cheesecake! Seeing my friends eating the cake is a very satisfying feeling for me, even though the cake is definitely not comparable to cheesecakes sold in cafes.

The cake I baked was Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake! I went a little bit heavy-handed on the peanut butter but other than that, the cake tastes a bit like Reese peanut butter cups to me! I LOVE baking so I hope it would be okay if I post some non-beauty related posts occasionally in the future, which is most probably be filled with my baking experiences.

On 24th, I stayed at home the entire day but no, I was not as free as a bird. I was preparing for the Xmas eve dinner the whole afternoon! Since I promised my family a scumptious dinner, I put in a lot of effort and it paid off!

Cream of musroom
Salad with Japanese dressing
Main course
Baked potatoes with blue cheese sauce
Smoked turkey ham with cranberry sauce
Meaf loaf with eggs
Fruit tart

Everything was made from scratch, except for the soup. My back was really strained at the end of the day. I really wonder how Chefs could stand cooking for so many hours! Well, at least I lost enough calories while cooking to gain back some during dinner. My family were bloated after the dinner and we even had leftovers!

And it was Christmas – 25th!!!

At 10am, my family headed to the Hello! Singtel shop at Clifford Centre (Raffles place). The CBD area was like a ghost-town, as silent as a grave. I reckon that since the area would be empty, I should head to the Singtel shop there and avoid any queues. After a year, I finally changed to a smartphone – Iphone4! With it, I can now tweet and twipic anywhere I go. So if there are to be any sales etc, I can update immediately! The phone is a Christmas present for myself.

And for the rest of the day, the pictures were taken by my new gadet.

My family went furniture-shopping which is our favourite past-time. We are not planning to move, but always like to admire the new modern interior designs right now in the market.

Our next stop was Tott! There was a storewide promotion for the store as advertised on the newspaper so we decided to head there. Of course, I was grinning from ear to ear since I can stock up on some kitchen appliances or cookwares! You know know how i love baking and cooking as seen above. Haha! What did I haul? I will show below.

I swore my family was travelling around Singapore yesterday! We had put some serious miles for the car. Since my family love small bites during the day, we went to Holland village to chill out and relax. Just look at the food…I’m watering at my mouth.

The Pet’s Lover Center at Holland V is another must-visit stop for me!

Finally dinner at Sushi Tei. It’s is Japanese cuisine and not the traditional Western food for Christmas but it doesn’t really matter. What matters most is being happy with whoever you are with that day.

Right after dinner, it was raining cats and dogs! I was drenched from head to toe. What a great way to end Xmas night! How was your Xmas spent? (:

And now, my gift/haul!

Firstly, I received these a few days ago from a new blogshop called under-twenty20and I really do recommend you to head to the blogshop to do some new-year shopping! This shop as US drugstore products that cannot be found in Singapore for a maxium price of $20! This Tarte Re-create foundation retails for US37 but was only sold for SGD20 at the shop. The sell other products such as the highly raved Ecotool brushes, Stila Sun bronzer and more!

And the rest of my haul during Christmas:

  • Christna Aguilera Stipped album in vinyl record (I love anything vintage-looking!)
  • Okashi Japanese desserts cookbook
  • Gas cans for the blowtorch (for Creme Brulees!!!)
  • Measuring cup
  • Silicone cake square mould
  • Iphone4
  • Mac Groundwork paintpot


I bought the Mac groundwork paintpot for myself since I would be skipping the 4 paintpots that would be released in the Cham-pale collection. They are too frosty for my liking.

Since I am still a fan of neutrals, groundwork would be a great colour and I love the satin finish. Here is a swatch of groundwork next to coral crepe which also has the satin finish.



Sorry for this picture-heavy post! Happy Boxing Day!
Thanks for reading ~

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