My Favourite Products of 2010 | 2011 New Year’s Resolution

On December 29, 2010 by Michelle


2010 is coming to an end in just a matter of days! Oh scratch that, it’s tomorrow! Seems like I have lost track of time because time flies so fast I barely noticed!

CLICK HERE to view my Favourite products of 2009 and 2010 Resolutions.

Beside the upcoming brand new year, just a few days ago, I have also noticed that I had been on Onsugar for 1 year! Being in the Onsugarette community really changed my life, seriously. I had never met so many new people before in just 1 year. It was truly a brand new experience for me which I am deeply honoured to be able to experience it. Whoever say that friendship cannot be gained online is wrong. Our friendship made here on this Onusgar platform is more than golden, it is sparkling like diamonds. Here, I would like to make a shout-out to Kimberley (rainyydays). Without you introducing me to your Onsugar blog, I would never have come across Onsugar and I wouldn’t be here right now! So THANK YOU!

Right, hopping on, here I am making this the last post of 2010.



BEAUTY OF ESSENCE | Foundation Brush

MAC | 187 Brush

ESTEE LAUDER | Double Wear Foundation

CHANEL | Mat Lumiere foundation

SEKKEISI | Sun Protector SPF50 

MAC | Space Out Blush

NARS | Deep Thorat Blush

YSL| Everlong Mascara

MAC| Painterly Paintpot

MAC| Baroque Boudior Treasured Lipstick

MAC | Smoke & Mirrors palette

MAC | Devil May Dare Warm palette

KAT VON D | Ludwig Palette

OPI | Jade Is The New Black

LULU CASTAGNETTE | je t’M 🙂 Perfume

CLINIQUE | Moisture Surge Moisturizer

B.LIV | Off With Those Heads Serum


PAULA’S CHOICE| Anti-oxidant Serum

HADA LABO | Super Hyalurionic Acid Lotion

AVENE| Eau Thermale Thermal Water Spray

LUSH | Angels with Bare Skin Cleanser

MARIO BADESCU | Buffering Lotion

ORIGINS | Clean Energy Cleansing Oil

QUEEN HELEN | Mint Julep Mask



For most of my skincare products, I have only started using them a month ago or so. Regardless, they changed my life as my face has never been so acne-free. Somehow these products managed to work hand in hand to suppress acne (Yes, suppress. Acne can never be cured.).

If you have noticed, most of my products listed are non-drugstore, in a word ‘branded’. Well, call me brand-obsessed if you want, but the reason why you barely see a drugstore product in there is not because I despise them, it is because I saved on many other things (drugstore products, clothes, shoes and lifestyle activites) and allocated my cash to these ‘branded’ babies. I admit it, it just feel so good to own them and most of the time, in my case, their quality is superb. I never regretted spending my money on them.


And now,

Let’s reflect back, here are my 2010 RESOLUTION. Did I fulfil my goals?

  • Clear up my skin esp acne. ?
  • Exercise daily. ?
  • Be health conscious, drink more water and eat more healthily, no junk food! ?
  • Stop collecting makeup and use them! ?

    Well, one is better than none! 😛 



    It is time for me to jump onto this resolution bandwagon again. Whether I will achieve my goals, we shall see a year later 😉




    Thanks for reading! 😀 HAPPY 2011 ~

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