Mini Haul : Illamasqua lover blush + eyeliner cake

On December 10, 2010 by Michelle


I just picked up my Illamasqua goodies yesterday and I snapped lots of pictures as soon as I was free today. This would be my first Illamasqua purchase and certainly not the last! Thanks to Charlene / Charlenelalapine for the 20% off coupon code! I would have gotten more if my funds are not so constrained. Alright, here is what I have gotten:

I have here, Illamasqua lover blush, Illamasqua eyeliner cake in mislead

For me, I must at least get a blusher from Illamasqua. Initially, Hussy was my choice but I realised that I already have many pinkish blushes. Since I only have one cloral blush, I decided on getting Lover from Illamasqua. Most Illamasqua blushes are matte which is great for people who dislike glitters. I am one good example.

The blush is smooth and not too chalky. This gives a very natural “tan” or flush on your cheeks.

The other orange/coral blush I mentioned above is Mac Space Out. Yes, I prolly have mentioned this Mac blush on my blog a thousand times as this is my favourite blush! As you can see form the photo, both looks quite similar but Spaced out is not matte and is slightly tanner.

What makes me elated is that they swatched differently too! I dislike buying items that are dupes of one another as I like my collection to be as diversified as possible. If I am not wrong, Lover blush is quite similar to Gina blush from Nars which I do not own. This is indeed a great addition to my blush collection.

The next item I purchase is Illamasqua eyeliner cake in Mislead (black):

Being the first eyeliner cake I own, I thought that it would still be pigmented when swatched dry. However, as you can see below, the eyeliner is not pigmented at all. I guess it has to be used wet to get the intensity.

Well, why do I still want an eyeliner cake? The main reason is because I seldom use eyeliners or gel eyeliners to be precise. Since gel eyeliners will dry up after a period of time, it would be a waste if I use it for a few times before it has to be thrown away. An eyeliner cake would be a more economical alternative since I do not have to worry about it drying up etc.

Tried using this by spraying water onto the eyeliner cake. I think I used too much water hence, the eyeliner ended up being diluted.

In the process of drying….and it dries up completely within a minute or two. I love that this eyeliner comes with a mirror too.

I actually have some other items that I hauled quite some time ago, but I was too excited and posted this Illamasqua haul first. Now, I wish to get my hands on Illamasqua primer and foundation. Can’t wait for another discount code to appear.


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