MACAU/HK TRIP PART 3: Clothing, Misc, Nars, Burberry Haul

On November 2, 2010 by Michelle

This post would be showing my HK loots which I am proud to say, did not end up as humongous as I would expected. I was initially certain that I would buy so much items that I would need a few luggages to bring them home. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with my loots!

Oh I forgot to mention that my aunt treated me to a scrumptious seafood dinner when I reached HK and it ended up with me having red, swollen breakouts the morning after. It was so bad that the pimples hurt without me touching them. Morale of the story, no more seafood for me. My mum says that it is probably due to the toxic in the seafood (toxic?) and that my body is too heaty, in Chinese medical terms. Shopping around Hong Kong in this skin condition was hence not as fun. Sniff.

Okie, let me start with some miscellaneous items:

From this photo, it is quite obvious that I am a Shih Tzu lover! Those Shih tzu cardholder, keychain and pouch are quite cheap I must say. They cost around $3-7 each. And there is this cute little Stitch bell for my dog! The dog shop has many other characters for the bell too. The mirror on the right has LED lights which is useful when you want to use a mirror in a dimly lit-ed room. It seems that this type of mirror has been a craze in Japan / Taiwan for quite some years. Finally, the yellow bear is a Japanese character that I have been collecting (since ’05). Say “hi” to the Gloomy Bear!

My luggage was quite heavy not because of the items that I bought but its because of magazines! I love to buy HK magazines home as they always give out free goodies! And there was this shop I saw in MongKok that sells past issues of .. umm what do you call them… eMook bags? I did went a little crazy and ended up with the Marc jacobs lola pouch, Jill stuart cafe pouch and an Anna sui pouch. The Fred perry bag is from the current issue of eMook which is already available in Kinokuniya here.

This is my clothing haul and I did good. Only 4 pieces and they were CHEAP! Well relatively cheap. From left to right: Simple perforated leather tee ($8.50), Blue cardigan with torns ($16), H&M basic henley ($12), Black blouse ($8.50). The cardigan is quite expensive but I love the design. I was hoping to buy some accessories back but none caught my fancy. The brooches however cause me to go gaga over them. They are not cheap but I was so in love with them. The probability of me wearing them out is almost nil so this was a impulse purchase which funnily I do not regret. 😛

Time for the beauty hauls! I went to Habour City, Tsim Sha Tsui. It was one of my favourite shopping center that I visit during my childhood. I love looking out into the sea then. In Habour City, there are 2 cosmetic departmental store that you cannot miss. They are namely FACES, and Lane Crawford. You can find many brands there ranging from Shiseido, Shu uemura, Nars, Anna Sui, Make up for ever and more!


Okay, let me start with one of my favourite brand, NARS!


For Nars, I only picked up Nars sheer glow (oh only? Good girl! *sarcasm*). Deauville was a good shade but too pink. Gobi on the other hand is very yellow which I need, but might be a tad light. Fiji is too dark for me. Hence, I eventually went with Gobi because I can always use a darker setting powder for my foundation. My first thought for this is that is it very blendable and smooth. I will comment more about this foundation when I use it more often. I bought a pump for the bottle because I don’t want to have any wastage for this foundation.

Okay now…I shall reveal Burberry cosmetics! This is the brand that I was most excited about. Just to clarify myself, I could not resist myself at Faces hence I ended up with more than what I expected. I was only planning to purchase the liquid foundation and one thing led to another… well you know the story. From the photo above, you can see that the BA practically tried on the whole range of the Burberry line on me. I’m so blessed! LOL.The BA who attended to me mentioned that Burberry has only opened a month in Faces. And when I ask her if Burberry would be coming over to our shores? She said YES! Recently, HerWorld magazine announced that Burberry would be opening their counters at Tangs Orchard in January 2011. HURRAY!

 Alright, this part is where I should feel guilty. My Burberry haul:

Clockwise: Sheer foundation in Trench 04, Sheer powder foundation in Trench 03, Sheer eye colour in Khaki 08, Lip glow in 10.

I love their packaging. It really feels luxurious, even their fabric texture cardboard boxes. I almost wanted to buy the Burberry eyeliner (green shade) to match my eyeshadow but gave up the idea as I feel that the eyeliner is not that great. However, the BA said that the green and purple shade were the best sellers. The lip gloss is really an impulse buy. I can find a much cheaper alternative for that shade. But, I do like that it is very hydrating. In fact, all their products are very hydrating especially the sheer foundation (liquid and powder). Oh and I am kicking myself for getting these foundation shades. Even though the BA tried these shades on me and looked almost perfect indoor, I realise that when im outdoors under the sun, the shades doesn’t really match my skin. A bummer right?! I’m trying to make them work for me by mixing it with other foundations of mine. I would be paring the powder foundation with my new Nars sheer glow since one is lighter and another is darker. Since Burberry is coming over to Singapore soon, I shall try to put up reviews of these products before they reach Singapore.

My aunt also blamed me for bringing her to Burberry cosmetics as she ended up with some items herself too! Beside buying the sheer foundation, she picked up the eyeliner and bronzer too. The bronzer is finely milled and velvety to touch. But this shade is a bit orange in my opinion for a bronzer. Well, my aunt was planning to use this as a blush anyway, haha.

After writing this haul post, I realise that in fact, I did haul quite abit. Ah well, it was retail therapy! And I bought some as my birthday presents. Okay enough with the excuses.


Thanks for reading ~ 

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