MACAU/HK TRIP PART 2: Disneyland + SASA & Bonjour Haul

On October 29, 2010 by Michelle

Hong Kong was not as fun as I expected only because I was so busy meeting all my relatives there that I have almost no time to shop! Well, yes it was enjoyable meeting all my relatives after not seeing them for more than a year but I need to SHOP! Haha, just kidding! This picture was of a HK light rail (something like Singapore’s LRT). I took the light rail to an ulu part of HK to pay my respects to my late grandfather who lost the battle to cancer last year.

Alright, back to a fun topic. My family spent an entire day at HK disneyland. If I were to compare it to Tokyo disneyland or even Singapore’s Universal Studios, HK disneyland is really puney! We almost finished all the games within a few hours and let me tell you, there is no queue at all! But for the sake of my brother, as well as buying some Stitch souveniors…ah well. Oh Stitch is my favourite Disney character, followed by Winnie the Pooh! What’s yours? (:

Ah their rides…are not up to my expectations, even their Space Mountain (indoor roller coaster) ride. Well, I can’t complain, this theme park is meant for kids. Really trivial but my first roller coaster ride was at HK Ocean Park! That roller coast ride was awesome! It had 3 loops you know! Okay, anyway, if you are a kid or young at heart ( *ahem yes I consider myself mature 😛 ), HK disneyland can be fun for you!

Oh and as mentioned, I had to get some Stitch items but  I only spotted one. Their range of Disney merchandise was not wide enough.

That is a Stitch utensils holder. I am planning to use it to store my brushes whenever I travel or something (: In addition, I bought this tin jar of chocolate cookies. I love collecting tin boxes (so that means I might eventually end up getting something for MAC tale of tartan collection). Oh their chocolate cookies are delicious!

I had one goal in mind when I was about to visit HK, and that was to try the bubble milk teas from all the stores! Of course, that I did not manage to accomplish firstly and secondly, it’s insane. However, I need managed to try 2 drinks from 2 stores not available in Singapore.

Left: From Share Tea Right: I forgot to record down the name of the store.

I love the bubble milk tea from Share Tea. It’s not too sweet and you can very much taste the tea. It is better than KOI or even Eskimo from Singapore! The teas in HK are also much cheaper than in Singapore! Can I live in HK please?

SaSa and Bonjour were a must to visit when I travelled to Hong Kong. Bonjour is pretty much like SaSa but they carry some brands that SaSa do not carry, for example YSL, Dior and more. I saw Bonjour selling YSL faux cils mascaras for around SGD25. Pretty good deal huh? Anyway, here is my haul:


  • Some Japanese waterproof fine eyeliner ( I wanted to try Kiss Me eyeliner but this was so much cheaper. SGD10 )
  • Kiss Me 5th Anniversary mascara + mascara remover set ( It was only SGD14 for both!! )
  • Sana Pore putty base ( Finally bought it as I have been lemming for it since my Tokyo trip in ’07 SGD12.50)
  • Kate mascara base ( I wanted to try Shiseido base but my aunt tried it and didn’t give much praises for it. So i went for a cheaper base. SGD13)
  • Phyto Phytopolleine scalp treatment ( Wanted to have a healthy scalp to grow my hair out fast! It was selling at SGD48 in Spore, got it at SGD32)
  • Some detox pills ( Tried it and it gave me poos poos. Great for cleansing body I guess? Not cheap though. SGD37)


I think I managed to save some bucks definitely. Oooo..i really want to live in HK now. Next post would be my clothing, accessories, miscellaneous and Burberry haul (:


Thanks for reading!


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