MACAU/HK TRIP PART 1: Spending my B’day in Macau + LUSH

On October 26, 2010 by Michelle

This is my first part of my HK/Macau trip posts. My first few days were in Macau as the Jetstar flights to Macau was cheaper than to Hong Kong. Macau is all about food, scenery and casinos! Just in case if you are curious, I was wearing Essie Sew Psyched on my toes (:

It was fairly cooling in Macau and the temperature ranges around 25 degrees. The tourists in Macau outnumber the number of locals residing there. I was most intriqued by the buildings and the landscape of Macau – very European style since Macau was once under Portugal. Casinos are everywhere in Macau and wherever my family went, we entered the Casino just for the fun of it. I didn’t gamble as I dislike gambling for the risk of losing is always higher than the chances of winning. Perhaps I am a pessimist. Haha.

My family spent a whole day walking around the tourist attractions and our most memorable portion, well at least to my dad, was visiting the neighbourhood that my dad once spent his childhood days there.

Ah yes, since I am a glutton, I ate all the food my stomach can possibly handle during the 2+ days in Macau:

I tried all the traditional Portuguese delicacies, deserts and some weird dishes such as fish intestines and fried port intestines. We also tried the most famous coconut ice cream and soya beancurd in Macau. My most favourite has to be the Portuguese egg tarts! For my birthday, my family decided to bring me to have a buffet at the Emperor Hotel. The buffet ended up to be free! Because my dad managed to win some cash at the casino!

Ahhh…the best part of the post. At the fisherman’s Wharf (one of the tourist attractions in Macau), I spotted Lush!

So, I had to enter the store of course! Besides, I have a list that I need to get for my friends (: And as expected, I also ended up with some Lush goodies myself. My first Lush product was the H’suan Wen Hua hair treatment almost a year ago. It was a pretty good hair treatment but since I finished it, I have stop purchasing from Lush. So, here is my Lush haul:

  • Tea tree water toner
  • Mask of Magnaminty
  • Angles on bare skin cleanser
  • Honey I washed the kids solid perfume

I never purchase any soaps mainly because I heard that they melts easily. Moreover, I am a fuss free person. I prefer the product to be in a container. That explains why I purchase the Honey I washed the kids perfume instead of the soap. So far, I have tried the cleanser before and it is heavenly!! I will do a review once I have used all the products (: Oh wait, how many times have I mentioned that I will do a review but ended up not doing it? OK I apologise! I will definitely get to doing more reviews soon.

On 18th Oct, my family left Macau and headed to HK in a 45-mins ferry ride:

To be continued…

Thanks for reading ~

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