MAC private sale HAUL! *pictures heavy*

On April 15, 2010 by Michelle

Mac private sale…All I say is that it is totally mad! Im not talking about the prices (even though I admit the prices are a good way),  it is the crowd I am referring to! Gosh! I reached the sale at around 8am (with Gwen, Jeniffer, Dyan, Hydaia, Joanna, Kimberley) and there were already 20 people in the queue. As its reaching 8.30am, there are well over 50 people! When the doors to the sale were opened, everybody started rushing to the counters! I headed to the blush section first. But after a while, I could not move at all! I was stuck among the crowd. It was that bad. I was shoved, stepped on, pinched, scratched…okay just exaggerating…lol. But i could only say that I could barely move around. Even my plastic bag (which we were given to throw our purchases in) was torn!

Not only that, my beloved bag was stained with lipglosses! I do not know how it got there! I think someone beside or behind me must have spilled some on to my bag.


Anyway, it was still very fun 🙂 Despite finding myself being pushed around. Haha. I just grab and go. In the end, my plastic bag contained 40 over items! So i went to the side (with Gwen and Jeniffer) to filter our items out. I put back at least 10 items. With my cash on hand, I would not be able to pay for 40 items. Diana was also sorting out her items too before heading to the cashier. She protected her ticket by putting in…umm..some where near her chest. Haha! The items I put back were conjure up, style demon blushes, greasepaint, haunting e/s and of course more!

I think in the mid of the chaos, 2 items that I really like ended up not being in my plastic bag when I was at the cashier. I dont know where it went to 🙁 The room, where the cashiers were, was like a mac store 🙂

Anyway, here are my loots! Total damage (without the items I CP-ed) : $250+++

I will be posting items I CP-ed for sale in the next post 🙂

Now onto my haul:

My first technakohl eyeliner and shadesticks! 🙂


I thought I had warm&cozy shadestick in my plastic bag but it was missing 🙁 I really want that shadestick!


I love Porcelain pink msf! Am not sure if i will use bronze hero lustre drop though.


Buckwheat and Smoke&diamonds are so pretty!


Top: 6 Devil may dare warm eye shadow quads

Bottom: 6 Smoke and mirros eye shadow quads

Man these quads are heavy! Not good for travelling huh. But im still glad i got them 🙂


Love the packaging of the Baroque Boudoir collection!


Manage to try the suntints 😀 The colour is perfect for everyday!


Im so happy with my loots. Although I am $250 poorer, I’ve gotton my shopping therapy 🙂 My next haul would probably be the mac/nars/drugstore spree. And after that im definitely doing my project 5/10 pan!

A final pic for you to drool at 🙂

Thanks for reading! 😀

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