Luxasia sale haul (part 1)

On August 26, 2010 by Michelle

Hi hi! This is part 1 of my haul! No it is not because I bought so many until I have to split the loots into 2 posts! Haha, I wish! This morning, I was unable to make it to the sale when it began thus Kimberley kindly helped me purchase some Stila smudge pots before they are all sold out. She managed to snag a few Guerlain eyeshadow singles for herself too! Lucky girl! When I was at the sale at 3pm, 99% of the makeup are gone! What is left are some Stila lipglazes, tinted moisturizers, highlighters, Gulerain foundations and some other RMK items. I was most interested in Guerlain eyeshadows but they are all gone! Rawrrrrr…

Anyway, the main reason I made a trip down to the sale was also to purchase one or two perfumes since I only had 2 at home. Yup, you have guessed it, I bought more than 2! -.- So here are my loots:


Sarah Jessica Parker Covet gift set
I thought the fragrance was a bit weird upon first smelling it but after a few sniffs, I kind of like it. I do catch a hint of choclate in there. It is an odd fragrance in my opinion, but I love all things odd. “I had to have it.”

YSL Elle Eau de parfum intense
I was looking for spicy perfumes and this one totally caught my eye (oh I meant nose!). A pity YSL perfumes are expensive or else I would be snatched some other YSL perfumes such as the YSL cinema.

Vera wang Flower princess
This would be my first floral perfume. Not a big fan of floral and I bought this on impulse. When I walked to the Vera Wang booth, my nose is no longer functioning properly after all the smelling of other perfumes. With such a poor sense of smell, I thought this smell alright so I put this in my shopping bag. Eventually, I decided to keep it because of the packaging.

Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto charm
Fruity scents are my cup of tea! I keep asking all the staffs which perfume carries the fruity scents and many pointed to the SF Incanto perfumes. This perfume, I definitley will not regret (:



Stila 24kt gloss
Feeling deprived of not seeing enough makeup for sale there, I picked this up just so to let myself feel better. Besides, I do not have any gold lipglosses in my collection 😛

Guerlain Parure peraly white fluid foundation, shade 02beige clair
This is probably a tad dark for me (NC20), so I might let my mum have this foundation.

YSL Everlong mascara in shade 7
Someone discarded this from their shopping bag so I quickly snatch it! Fastest fingers first! There were no YSL makeup in sight at all when I enter the sale. Lucky me! My first YSL mascara! YAY!


I might be going back on Saturday to pick up some more fragrances as a treat for myself – I just checked the results for my examinations and I pass! I was so convinced otherwise when I finished sitting for my papers. I am super relieved! 😀


[EDIT]Is the sale worth going down? Yes if you like perfumes. I heard they will restock tomorrow, but don’t quote me on that. If you are looking for makeup, you might make a wasteful trip. Many are gone. As for skincare, some are going to expire soon so buy with caution.

Thanks for reading ~

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