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L’Oréal Paris proudly presents its limited edition summer shades for Open Eyes Pro Eyeshadows and Glam Shine 6H. To unveil these exclusive new products, L’Oréal Paris created 2 different and very wearable looks for the season: Fresh n’ Sweet and Bright n’ Bold and Sweet Summer. Inspired by the season of bright colors as well as the trend of soft sunkissed looks, you can now double-up your summer sensation!

For the Summer collection 2011, two limited edition palettes are released:


Open Eyes Pro Fanatic Olive

Open Eyes Pro Pink Manic


My favourite of the two is the Fanatic Olive and not because of the colours, but because I find that Fanatic Olive is more pigmented than Pink Manic. For both palettes, the shimmery white eyeshadow has poor colour payoff and I think it is because of the huge glitter chunks. I do not suggest using those as highlights unless you are wearing a heavy night-time look.

The olive shade in Fanatic Olive is a rare olive eyeshadow that can be found in drugstores. Rarely do I see such a beautiful olive green that swathes well in drugstore. If you love olives and neutrals, this palette is for your!

Here is my LOTD:

Open Eyes Pro Fanatic Olive

Open Eyes Pro Pink Manic

Four new shades are released for the Glam Shine 6H lipglosses as well:

L – R:#110 Coralicious, #416 Lollipink, #442 RosyPop and #V5 Iredsistible



L – R:#110 Coralicious, #416 Lollipink, #442 RosyPop and #V5 Iredsistible

Here, I have a pictures of the lip swatches. I applied Mac Myth lipstick to nude out my lip colour so that the actual colour of the lipglosses can stand out more.

With Mac Myth as the base:

Lip swatches:

Top let clockwise: #416 Lollipink, #110 Coralicious,  #V5 Iredsistible and #442 RosyPop

My? ?f?a?v?o?u?r?i?t?e? ?w?o?u?l?d? ?h?a?v?e? ?t?o? ?b?e? ??C??o?r?a?l?i?c?i?o?u?s? ?a?n?d? ??I??r?e?d?s?i?s??t?i?b?l?e?.? ??A??c?t?u?a?l?l?l?y?,? ?c?o?r?a?l?i?c?i?o?u?s? ?a?n?d? ?l?o?l?l?i?p?o?p? ??l?o?o?k?s? ?t?h?e? ?s?a?m?e? ?w?h?e?n? ?s?w?a?t?c?h?e?d? ?b?u?t? ?o?f? ?c?o?u?r?s?e? ????o?n?e? is more coral while the other is more pink. If you want a wearable red, Iredsistible is a good choice. I think this is a first time I am comfortable wearing a red on my lips. One point to mention is that unlike the other three lipglosses, Iredsistible has less of the glitter or shimmers. Lollipink and RosyPop are the shades with more shimmer in them.


The glosses are moisturizing initially but after a while, as these were meant to be long lasting, it gets slightly drying as I believe the formula of the gloss changes to ensure its lasting power. The gloss will starting to "sink" into your lips and as a result it turn out ot be a tad drying for my dry lips. The gloss would be better for those with more moisturized lips unlike mine.

How long lasting are these? Can they last for more than 6 hours?

Well, Iredisistible was the last shade I tested on my lips and hence I decided to test out its durability. During the course of wearing the lipgloss, I snacked, drank, showered in warm water with steam and ate my dinner.

This was the end result after 3-4 hours of wear:

Apologies for the poor lighting and the blur shot. However, you can see that there are barely any lipgloss left. I could still feel the stickiness of the gloss but other than that, the gloss is pretty worn out. Considering that I have done so much from eating to drinking and showering, this lipgloss is not bad at all for a drugstore product.  

If you want to grab something from this collectio?n,?

??I suggest Fanatic ???Olive, and Glam Shine 6H in Coralicious and Iredisistible.

Where to find them?
L’Oréal Paris limited Edition Summer Open Eyes Pro Eyeshadows ($22.90) and Glam Shine 6 hours Shades ($18.90) are available from 1st July to 31st July 2011 in all L’Oreal Paris counters in Guardian, Watsons, Departmental Stores, SASA and selected supermarkets.



Disclaimer: These products were sent by L’Oreal for reviewing purposes. All my opinions are honest.


Thanks for reading ~

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