LOTD: Sugarpill Burning Heart (with swatches)

On September 21, 2011 by Michelle

Hello all!


School is starting for me soona and it is now time for lots of midnight oil and mugging. It is my final year now and I better pull up my socks this time! Hopefully this blog will not be ignored during this period of time.

Sugarpill is a hit sensation among many makeup artists, including our local makeup artist and fellow onsugarette, FacesbySarah! I no doubt was being suckered into this hype as well after seeing online swatches of how insanely pigmented the eyeshadows are. Even though many of these swatches are easily accessible on the internet and posting up swatches here are quite redundant, I still insist on posting some myself here! The colours are just too attractive. These swatches of my Burning Heart palette were long forgotten and had I not done my spring cleaning on my computer, these pictures would be collecting dust.

My favourite colour would had to be the vibrant yellow. And I love the name as well “Buttercupcake”. Yumm.


The eyeshadows are a little dry though but their pigmentation are great enough. Look at the red! The purple some how doesn’t show up on my picture but if you pack on the colours, it would be intense.


For my LOTD, here is what I came up with, incorporating all the colours from the palette:

Product List:

  • Sugarpill Burning Heart palette
  • Herione make lengthening mascara
  • NYX jumbo pencil in milk
  • Illamasqua cake eyeliner


My mom told me that I look like a ghost in this colours. Naturally, I didn’t wear this look out! I wouldn’t want to give someone a “burning” heart or a heart attack.

That’s all!



Thanks for reading ~

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