LOTD: Rainbow, Smokey, Graphic + Haul and First Impression: Ma Chérie

On October 24, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


Recently I’ve tried out a few looks, just for the fun of it. It’s been long since I experimented with some makeup looks!

1st: Smokey rainbow with dark plums, green and blue with a pop of  yellow in the inner corner. I used a black base and black eyeshadow initially and just dusted some pigments over my lid for that dark wash of colour.

2nd: Totally forgot to use a makeup base for this and hence the colours are not that pigmented. For this I wanted to focus more eyeshadow (cateye shape) on my lashes and just smoke it upwards, with a contour shade in my crease.

3rd: It’s been long since I touch my gel eyeliner from Physicans Formula (review HERE) and i decided to do so graphic eyeliner with this, just a tad inspired by the Kpop looks that all the singers wear in their music videos.

On saturday, I purchased these two Ma Chérie products which have recently been launched in October. Their scent totally remind me of peach gummies, it’s divine! I already have their Air Feel shampoo, which cleanse pretty well and won’t dry out the hair. So to make my hair smell even more like gummies, I decided to try their conditioner and hair treatment water.

First impressions, the conditioner works like a normal conditioner – detangles hair but doesn’t have much moisturizing properties. Maybe I shall try their mask next time. Treatment water smells heavenly but doesn’t provide much moisturize as well. However, there are a few days where my hair appear much smoother and softer than before. Just a few times, not entirely consistent. Hence, I can’t really determine if they condition that well or not. I just hope they do, but either way, I still love using these because of the scent.

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