LOTD: Iron Maiden! (ft. WnW trio in Cool as Cucumber)

On February 22, 2011 by Michelle


Anyway, I attended the Iron Maiden : The Final Frontier concert on 15th Feb 2011! Truthfully, I felt kind of weird because I am no rocker but don’t get me wrong, I love rock music and maybe heavy metal music. Reason why I went was to accompany my dad as he was quite a fan. Moreover, it was the first concert of my life! So why not?

It was almost 3 hours of fun for my dad and a deafening experience for me. I do not mind heavy metal at all and certainly am fine with it being noisy (it is heavy metal after all). But, the sound system crew for this concert is probably partially deaf because the speakers were so LOUD! I had problem hearing after the concert and even the day after. Nevertheless, I do love Iron Maiden’s music, especially the song Trooper! As I have been listening to rock and heavy metal music since young, under the influence of my dad, I already have a couple of bands that I personally love. Just to name a few: Guns n Roses, Metallica etc.

I wore this tee from Threadless to the concert. Rocking yea? Lol! I wish I could have purchased an Iron Maiden tee instead.

Back to my LOTD, which I in fact did not wear to the Iron Maiden concert. I was only trying out my new Wet n wild trio that I purchased as shown HERE. Since dark or smokey looks relate to heavy metal / rock, I decided to name this LOTD Iron Maiden.

The Trio is called Cool as Cucumber and these are the only 2 main colours used. I really love Wet n Wild palettes, and I do highly recommend!

Alright, here is my look:

The colours are slighly more vibrant in real life. My camera was unable to pick up the colours much perhaps because I was facing the window and thus the colours were washed out.

For my products, I used:

  • Mac painterly paintpot (not pictured)
  • Wet n Wild Trio in Cool as Cucumber
  • Proofit liquid eyeliner black
  • Herione Kiss me mascara
  • Mac unflappable mega metal eyeshadow from Peacocky collection (for over V)


Don’t quite like posting my full face, but well, still, here you go.



Thanks for reading ~

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