Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Toner + Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash

On October 31, 2018 by Michelle

Hi all!


It is the end of October, and within 2 months, it would be a brand new year!

Lately, my daily skincare routine currently consists of mostly Kiehl’s products, especially my holy grail Ultra Facial Cream. Their Calendula range has been has been highly raved on Instagram feeds and magazines especially the toner so these were purchased to be put to the test.

Extracted from Kiehl’s website, Calendula is often attributed to having calming and soothing properties and is known to provide hydration while helping improve the skin barrier and overall skin quality. The website also stated that native to the Mediterranean, Calendula Extract and Calendula Petals are known for their skin soothing properties and are commonly used in skincare products for oily skin types. That is why this range is formulated for normal to oily skin types.

Calendula is extracted from the Marigold flower!

Benefits of Calendula:

  • As an antioxidant, Calendula helps to neutralize free radicals which can cause skin damage.
  • Calendula has been used as a topical treatment, as well as an antidote for wounds and fevers in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Ancient Egyptians also used Calendula in a variety of ways and believed it to have rejuvenating properties.

Review of the Herbal Extract Toner:


There are 2 methods that I like to use this toner. One of which is the usual way of applying the toner with a cotton pad. This removes all the dirt, oil and impurities that my skin has while soothing the skin and also balancing the PH level of my skin. Can’t believe each time I wiped my face with the toner, there were so much dirt and sebum, I have to say this is a life saver for my dehydrated oily skin! The other method is using it as a spray. I decanted a little bit of the toner into my spray bottle and I use this before I apply my makeup. This acts as a way to prep my skin.

Did you know? The Calendula petals in our unique skin toner are still inserted by hand in the Kiehl’s apothecary tradition to ensure the most efficacious formula! That must have take a lot of effort. Even though the toner is indicated to work for normal oily skin, I have no issue with this with my dehydrated skin (dry skin with oil secretion throughout the day).

Review of the Herbal Foaming Facial Wash:

The toner definitely gets my approval, whereas for the foaming face wash however, it ended up a little dry on my dehydrated skin. My skin ended up feeling a little tight after each wash. In my opinion, this product works only for what it claims to be made for – normal and oily skin type.

All in all, this range has been a cult beauty for some for a reason. I do recommend giving the toner, or getting samples from the friendly Kiehl’s staff before investing in a big bottle.



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