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This post is 2 months late as you can tell from the title but i still would like to get this up since there are some products that I would like to do a short review on!

[Products finished]

Burt’s bees very volumizing shampoo

Does this volumize you hair at the roots, just slightly. I find a more effective method in volumizing the hair, beside teasing your hair, is to flip you hair upside down and blow dry at the roots while the hair is damp. I do like that this shampoo cleanse the scalp very well, clearing all the residue on the scalp. Unfortunately, because of that, it makes the hair very dry and so I had to use a lot of conditioner on the hair, sans the scalp area as I had an oily scalp. This is great for deep cleansing but a lot of conditioner is needed.

Paula’s choice skin balancing cleanser

CLICK HERE for my review.

Clinique moisture surge

Full review to be up soon.

Mac invisible loose set powder

I am on a little hunt for a loose powder right now so I am trying out all the brand’s loose setting powder to decide on my Holy Grail. Does this meet my standard? Not at a Holy Grail level but it is a commendable candidate. I was deciding between Mac prep+primer powder and this and went with the latter instead becuase it is cheaper and contains more product than mac prep+prime. This is US$27 for 30g whereas prep+prime is US$23 for 8g only! Daylight robbery indeed, that is more than 3 times the price per gram! Well, I am not sure if the prep+prime powder is three times as good but i find that the loose set powder does it job for me at least. It mattifies my skin and well, set the foundation. I find this finely milled, although not as finely milled as MUFE super matte loose powder. One con is that the white set powder might pale out your skin a bit if you used it execcsively. If only that had this in soft yellow. Is there one? Anyway, I think this is a product worth of your consideration if you want one that mattifies your skin. It is a huge tub so it can last you for many months, roughly four months for me.

EOS lip bam in sweet mint

CLICK HERE for my review.

Nivea lip balm

CLICK HERE for my review.

Bio Essence bio platinum 10 in 1 BB cream

CLICK HERE for my review.

Mario badescu buffering lotion

This product works for me just for a few months. And during those few months, I was so esctatic and thought that I had found the star product which can combat my acne forever! Unfortunately, I was wrong. The alcohol in this product dries my skin out badly and causes it to be more sensitive. In the end, my skin now is so sensitive to alcohol that any usuage of products with alcohol would causes my skint to act up (red inflamed pumps, flaky skin, and yellow liquid on the pumps). Perhaps my skin was dry by nature which I failed to realize at that moment and kept using this buffering lotion. If you have oily skin (make sure your skin is not dehydrated that results in more oil sebum production) by nature and have cystic acne, this might work for me. This product works miraculousy good on others but just not on me unfortunately.

Mario badescu healing powder

This was another product purchased in the aid of battling acne. I had such sensitive skin then that I will have redness all day long. Since this healing powder is yellow, I thought it could reduce the redness in my skin. The sulphur is supposed to absorbs excess oil and reduces redness and irritation caused by breakouts. This powder is pretty expensive but back then I was desperate to clear my acne. I don’t quite find this useful except for controlling the oil in my skin which it claims to do. It is pretty good at that but that was all that I could praise about.

Skinfood salmon undereye concealer in #1

Does it work? Yes, it does counteract with the darkness of your undereye and it smells great too! The only con is that this might be too cakey for the undereye area. As our undereye does not have any oil glands, this product tends to cake up at the end of the day. It doesn’t last very long either again because of the cakeiness. An innovative product, just like the Bobbi brown undereye corrector, but just not creamy enough.

Clinique Total Turnaround Visible Skin Renewer sample

I had tried this last year during the period where i still had severe acne. Did this work out? I would have to say unfortunately no for me. This was too harsh a product for my acne and causes my skin to be extra sensitive. I would recommend you trying out a sample before purchasing a full sized product as this would not work well on others.

Lulu Castagnette Jet’M 🙂 Perfume

My first perfume ever and a present from my BFF definitely holds a dear place in my heart. I am unsure if this is still available for sale as this was purchased nearly 5 years ago. Time really flies! Here is what I have googled: “Lulu Castagnette Jet t’M 🙂 is a fruity fragrance for women launched in 2005. Amber scent is a combination of pomegranate, peach and lychees. Cardiac fragrances rose lotus, raspberry and passion fruit. Base notes of vanilla, amber, musk, cedar and wood.” I would definitely pick this up again provided that I no longer have 4 bottles of fragrance to finish!

YSL everlong mascara


This was my first YSL mascara which I had scored at an affordable price in last year’s Luxasia sale. What I love about this macara is that it volumizes very well. The only downside is that it does not seperate the lashes. Regardless, I am in love with this mascara and the fragrance of the mascara must have had captured my heart. This is the first mascara with a scent in it that i have owned and I enjoyed using this because of that. This is not the best mascara out there, but i am sure the scent and the packaging had won me over.

L’Oreal lineur intense liquid eyeliner

Believe it or not, this was my first liquid eyeliner and i hate it! It flakes and rubs off easily. These are the two factors that everyone doesn’t want  in their eyeliner and this eyeliner had both of them. I was told that the UK version of this eyeliner is better but I never liked its felt tip anyway. I personally like finer tips so this eyeliner, which has a rather thick felt tip, isn’t for me. If you like thick eyeliner and a felt tip, you can try this but I personally disliked the formula.

I have another bunch of products that are finishing soon! Hope that you find this post useful!




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