Jaan Paul: Choosing our wedding bands

On July 24, 2017 by Michelle

Hello all!


Just wanted to blog about my experience at Jaan Paul today. Jaan Paul is a branch under House of Fung and is opened by the sone of the owner of House of Fung. Jaan Paul was our first choice due to the wide variety of selections and they can customise any design for you.

Of course with recommendation of friends how have gotten their engagement rings here, my htb and I decided to check out Jaan Paul for our wedding bands. The shop has been really popular lately with couples who are looking for engagement rings or wedding bands. Initially, we shortlisted Ling’s Jewelry at 100am Tanjong Pagar as well but went to Jaan Paul first and found our rings.

We found our perfect pair of wedding bands back in June and now they are ready for collection! They usually take 1 month plus to custom make your ring.

We were first served by someone inexperienced who didn’t get what I was looking for.

I wanted something chunky and tried many designs. One thing about Jaan Paul is that they have a lot of replicas (not exact replicas) of rings from well known brands such as Cartier, Venus Tears or Love & Co and more.

Cartier Love wedding band inspired.

Another one from a brand which I have forgotten. So yes, most of their designs are inspired and not exactly original.

I was quite uninspired after 3 hours of looking through all the rings. It’s good that Jaan Paul has a wide variety but I almost gave up after sitting at the shop for a good 3 hours. And then, the sales person had to serve another couple and left us with another sales person, even though we did make an appointment. Luckily, we met Corrine who seems to be more senior in the shop.

She understood what we wanted:

  1. chunky thick cut rings
  2. our budget for the rings
  3. flexibility of us being to resize the rings
  4. white gold bands with a hint of rose gold

 Did you know? Some wedding bands cannot be resized due to its design.

Such designs that cannot be resided are the Love & Co inspired Promise series designs. The design around the bands will make it difficult for the band to be cut and moulded for resize.

I was set on leaving and Corrine pulled out one pair of ring and I fell in love immediately!

And that’s our wedding bands! It’s V shaped on top and flat and the bottom with a strip of rose gold. Corrine even threw in a free small diamond for us to embed in our rings.

And yes, my htb has the same ring as me as most of the rings I liked are male designs, but that’s okay. The trend now is for the Husband and Wife to have different designs but I think having the same design makes it special too, as mentioned by my fellow btb pal Patricia 🙂 More meaningful.

If any btb would like to know how much we spent, feel free to talk to me. I also have the prices of some of the more popular rings like the Cartier inspired rings.


Thanks for reading ~

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