How to: Make your NARS look like new!

On October 4, 2011 by Michelle



I was packing my vanity area about a week back and I had a pile of Nars makeup, all sticky, dusty and gross. If you know how Nars packaging are, they are mixture of rubber and plastic. In a humid weather like Singapore, these kind of packaging will turn nasty! It will melt and well, stick to every possible dust that is hiding in the corner of your makeup storage. Just plain disgusting. It gives you this unhygienic feeling whenever you see it. Here is what I meant:

Sorry for this unsightly picture! I sincerely apologise if I made you lost your appetite or if this make you feel nauseous.


What you need:

  • Your Nars products
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton pads


Soak your cotton pad partially with rubbing alcohol and you just to simply rub and clean your Nars packaging.

Before and after photos:

Unfortunately, for my 2 year old Nars laguna / orgasm bronzer blush duo, my packaging has probably reached a point of state where too much rubbing alcohol will cause the packaging to “erode” perhaps. From the picture, instead of a black shiny packaging, I have a weird blue tint of film on the packaging. It feels normal to the touch but that “film” won’t go away. Could it be because it is 2 years old already?

Luckily for my other Nars products, they look spanking new after their cleaning!

However, they are not as black as they used to be. If you were to compare my two nars blush or bronzer to my new Nars loose powder (haul HERE), you can see a difference! Nevertheless, most importantly, they look clean!

How do you clean your Nars packaging? Do you have other methods? Please kindly share! (:



Thanks for reading ~

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