How to: Depot your Wet ‘n’ Wild, MAC and Urban Decay eyeshadows

On May 26, 2011 by Michelle



I just came back from Hong Kong yesterday and before I post up my trip post, there are a few posts I would like to clear first which was delayed for almost a month! As I am in the midst of packing my room for my house moving, I was busy depotting every single eyeshadow that I own to aid myself in packing them. I find it much easier when I store the single eyeshadows in palettes and this also prevents the eyeshadows from being ignored when they are hiding in the corner of my drawer behind my palettes.

Alright, as I had too many pictures, I decided to use a slide show. Here are a few steps on how to depot your Wet ‘n’ Wild palettes:

I didn’t do a great job when I depotted them as there were a few casualties. I was too rough with them and was pretty impatient too. I think Sarah (FacesbySarah) did a much better job when it comes to depotting. She is the Queen of Depotting! View her depotted WnW eyeshadows HERE!

When it comes to depotting, there are usually 2 methods.

1) Heat whereby you melt the plastic.
2) Rubbing alcohol which “dissolves” the glue that attach the eyeshadow pan to the plastic palette.

For the wet ‘n’ wild palette, all you need are these tools:

  • Wet ‘n’ Wild palettes
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Glycerin (in case your eyeshadow is smashed)
  • Magnetic strips
  • Tweezers
  • Empty palette



  1. Drip the rubbing alcohol along the gaps of the palette and the metal eyeshadow pan.
  2. Wait for the alcohol to “dissolve” the glue.
  3. Start prying out the eyeshadow pan carefully.
  4. Once the pan is removed, use some rubbing alcohol to remove the excess glue that is stuck to the pan.
  5. Attach the magnetic strips to the base of the eyshadow pan so that you can place them in your empty palette.


For my MAC and Urban Decay eyeshadows, I depotted them using the heat method. All you need are the same items as above and a lighter. Please do not burn yourself when handling the melted plastic or the lighter.


  1. Use a sharp object and find a slit in between the eyeshadow case and eyeshadow pan. Twist the sharp object so that the pan pops out.
  2. Next, use a lighter and heat just the center of the pan until the plastic is very soft. For the case of MAC pans, there will be a hole.
  3. Use the sharp object again to push the metal eyeshadow pan out of the plastic pan.
  4. Place a magnetic strip on the eyeshadow pan which might still have some glue residue.
  5. Use a lighter again to heat the sticker on the eyeshadow case. Just a brief seconds of heating will do and the sticker can be removed easily.
  6. Place the sticker on the base of the metal eyeshadow pan that already has the magnetic strip.


And you are done! Remember to throw the plastic pots into the recycling bin meant for plastic.

This is just my take on depotting eyesahdows. There maybe other better methods but I just hope that this is useful for those out there who are new to depotting.



Thanks for reading!

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