How to: Depot your lipsticks into a palette

On January 28, 2012 by Michelle




Way before the spring cleaning for the Chinese New Year, I was looking out for empty palettes to depot my lipsticks into as carrying a palette is much easier than carrying a loadful of lipsticks in the kit. There were a few options available such as the Make Up For Ever empty plastic case or even stackable 5g jars. However, neither were my choices as they were over the budget or were just too fussy (ie. opening the jars).

Eventually, I searched on Ebay for empty pan palettes and I came across this for only SGD4 after shipping!

EDIT: My seller is no longer active but I found a seller that ships the palette for only SGD3.89! Here is the link:

I used to have the same palette, purchased from Coastal Scents at a much jacked up price. Now I know where I can purchase these palettes for cheap. At Ebay! Of course, you can use them for eyeshadows or pressed pigments, not just for lipsticks.

These are small, handy and easy to use, just perfect!

These are the lipsticks that I am planning to depot. Most of them are my wet n wild mega last lipsticks which I reviewed and swatched HERE.

Items needed for depot:

  • Palette
  • White glue
  • Knife
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Lipsticks


You would want to use rubbing alcohol to sanitize all the empty pans and even the knife to prevent any contamination.


  1. Cut out a section of lipstick using the knife
  2. Use the knife and press the lipstick into the pan
  3. Place some white glue into the empty slot for the pan
  4. Peel out the labels for labelling on the other side of the palette


An alternative way of depotting your lipstick is to melt the lipstick. I avoided this fuss despite your depotted lipstick being neater and more “professional” looking.

How to melt your lipstick for depotting?

  1. Find a stainless steel spoon.
  2. Cut a portion of the lipstick into the spoon.
  3. Use a lighter and light the bottom of the spoon to melt the lipstick.
  4. Pour the melted lipstick into the empty pan, and let it cool on an even surface area.


ENSURE that the lipstick does not boil. If it does, this will change the texture and colour of the lipstick.

After depotting, your lipstick in the tube should still be useable for normal usage!

And here is how my lipstick palette looks like!

I hope this post is useful!




Thanks for reading ~

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