How to: Depot MAC blushes (Oven method)

On September 3, 2011 by Michelle



Today I am showing you a post on how I depot my Mac blushes using the oven method. You can do the same for your eyeshadows or in fact any of your makeup! I first learnt about this method from Gossmakeupartist in youtube. He used this method to depot his Dior eyeshadows!

I was lucky enough to have Sophia picked up this Mac palette for me in the Mac PRO store in USA a few months ago. I really wanted to depot most of my stash for easier storage.

Things that you would need:

Rubbing alcohol

Tweezers or anything sharp


Set your oven to 100 degree Celcius and pop your blush into the oven for 5 minutes, longer if the item you want to depot is bigger, and vice versa. I actually left the blush in my oven for nearly 10 minutes which is to ensure that the glue that attaches the metal blush pan to the pot is melted.

Next use any sharp object and pry the metal blush pan out of the plastic pot. Ensure that you don’t scald yourself as the plastic and metal is burning hot!

Use the rubbing alcohol to remove any glue residue on the bottom of the metal pan and you are done! Simple and easy.

Alternatively, you can attache magnetic strips to the bottom of the metal pan, making use of the glue residue.

And now you can B2M your MAC empty pots.

With this method, it is so easy to depot any products in the future! The only problem I faced was that the plastic cover of the pot is always deformed as I exerted too much force while pryting out the metal pan.

To solve the problem, I decided to just take out the plastic pan that holds the metal pan and pop that into the oven. To see, how to pry out the plastic pan, refer to my post on depotting MAC eyeshadows HERE.

And in it goes…

And now the lovely LE packaging can be kept in a pefect condition.

The end result! You can definitely see some wounds for these blushes such as dents, and scratches. If you are not as rough as I am, I am sure your products would be fine and in safe hands. I hope this is useful!



Thanks for reading ~

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