How to: change your eye shape using an eyeliner (ft Physicians Formula Gel Liner)

On January 19, 2012 by Michelle

Hello all!


Recently, Sam from Pixiwoo did two separate tutorials on how to make ones eyes look rounder or sultrier-looking with the aid of eyeliners. I decided to try out on my own eyes with my new found love – Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Liner which I have reviewed on them a few days back HERE.

Before I show you my pictures, I would like to embed the two Youtube videos from Pixiwoo here:

I have relatively round eyes hence the Angelina Jolie eyeliner shape would suit me the best but I still went ahead and try both styles on each of my eye to see the difference.

Megan Fox Cat Eyes:

This method is to make sure that the eyeliner covers the entire lid, from the outer corner all the way to the inner corner. This is to ensure that your eyes look rounder as the top of your eyeball is “lined”, emphasizing the semi-circle of your eyelid.

Angelina Jolie cat eyes makeup:

For this method, the main idea is to elongate your eyes, especially when your eyes are round. Eyeliner would end at the centre of the pupil to give your rounder eyes more definition at the outer corners.

Here is a comparison side by side:

Which do you prefer?

I personally prefer the Angelina Jolie cat eyeliner look more because first, it makes my round eyes more sultry-looking. Secondly, i have more lid space for my eyeshadow to peek out.

Ever since I’ve watched Pixiwoo videos, I learnt a lot more on how to define my features better – my eyes.

Using this eyeliner method, here is my everyday, very neutral, almost “no makeup” makeup look.

This time,  I am using a brown eyeliner from Physicians Formula. I actually have a thinner flick than the one above with the green eyeliner so that my double eyelid is more visible.

Sorry for the extreme close up shot. This was taken hours after I wore the makeup so you can see some smudging of my mascara. Dang. Pardon for my red eyes as well, I had some difficulty taking out my contact lens. I lined my lower lash line with the brown eyeliner too. With my Physicians Formula eyeliner, I can always change up the look by using coloured eyeliners like purples, blues and greens. I can even make the eyeliner thicker for a more dramatic cat eye effect. Obviously, the look would be more complete with false eyelashes and a sheer wash of colours on the lids.

I hope this post is useful especially with the embedded Pixiwoo videos.




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