Hong Kong Trip Part 4: My Haul!

On August 6, 2011 by Michelle



At last, this is the final part of my Hong Kong trip series.

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Here is my haul for the trip, which i managed to squeeze into two bags!

What I purchased:


Clockwise from left: Uniqlo, H&M, Ladies’ Street Market, H&M

Accessories and Misc

The shoes are only around $15! They are quite comfortable as well.If you have seen me these few months, I have been carrying this bag everyday. This was also another steal, around $15 as well! Now that little black bag is expensive as it is handmade with real leather. That cost me around $35. Those two bracelets are from H&M and my definite buys for every Hong Kong trip of mine would be some Shih Tzu accessories! You can view my craze with Shih Tzu in my previous Hong Kong/Macau trip HERE.

My entire makeup haul! Am I considered well-behaved?

Well I think I am, given the fact that I spent 8 days in Hong Kong and did not succumb to all the temptations, especially when there are makeup counters all around Hong Kong! I tried my best not to haul anything from Nars, Lush or Anna Sui which I predict I might when I visit Hong Kong the next time round.

On the left, I purchased a back-up bottle for the Bioderma makeup remover from Mannings. There is a stall at Ocean Terminal which unfortunately I do not know the exact location of, that sells the Bioderma makeup remover at a much cheaper price. At Mannings, it costs roughly $37 whereas at the stall, it was less than $30.

On the bottom left, I have my three Essie polishes from the Nail supply shop I discovered at Temple Street. Visit my Part 2 of this series to view the swatches and more details.

The three black boxes, oh well are my presents to myself! They are my first Giorgio Armani products! I was definitely  esctatic when I entered the shop but definitely keeping my cool there without freaking the BAs out. I was busy swatching all the testerss that I can lay my hands on, smiling to myself. Scroll down below to see what I purchase!

The rest of the products are from my SASA and Bonjour haul! I finally picked up the highly raved Heavy Rotation eyeliner and I must say that it is pretty good! Well pigmented and it comes out jet black. This lasted pretty look as well without any smudging. From Bonjour, I also got my hands on a Mellish blush because I have seen it being featured so many times in Japanese magazine. In fact, this blush has been voted as one of the best at Popteen magazine.

The following few items are just some lashes prdoucts that I have been wanting to try for quite some time, namely the Lancome Hynose mascara (around SGD23), Dollywink eyelash glue (SGD) and Fairy drop mascara (SGD).

Doesnt my newly acquired nail polishes match my bracelet from H&M?

This is my Giorgio Armani Haul which I purchased at the stand-alone store at Festival Walk. The BAs there are fairly helpful and they are willing to do a full face makeover, for me at least. Perhaps it was also because I had a list of items to buy from there for my friends which I passed to them.

Here I have purchased the Designer sculp cream foundation SPF25 and Lasting silk UV powder compact.

The reason why I purchased a cream was because of my terrible dry skin during my Hong Kong trip. My dry skin has taken a turn for the worse and became extremely dry, flaky and red during my trip there. Wearing a cream foundation was a wiser choice and luckily this foundation was not too heavy for the humid weather here. Moreover, I spend most of my time in a air-conditioned place, be it school or work.

For lazy people like me, when I am on a go and am lazy to apply foundation and then setting it with powder, I like to use just a powder foundation itself. From the picture, you can see that the powder foundation has a very yellow tone which I always look out for in my foundations. I know, I know, the cream foundation is very pink so I would need to set this foundation with a yellowish loose powder.

Does any one of you want any reviews on these foundations? 🙂


Okay, this is the end of my Hong Kong trip haul!



Thanks for reading ~

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