Hong Kong Trip Part 1: Sight-seeing and Attractions

On July 24, 2011 by Michelle
Hey everyone!
This is an extremely delayed post on my Hong Kong trip back in May! It was an early birthday present for my best buddy, her first trip to Hong Kong! I have been saving up for months for this sneaky surprise and I have definitely caught my friend off guard. She was angry but yet grateful to me at the same time.
We flew to Hong Kong via Tiger Airway which costs around $200 plus after tax per head for a return trip. I was lucky enough to have purchased their tickets during the promotion. Budget airlines are more than enough for me because I need not spend a lot on a comfortable seat in a standard airline like Singapore Airlines. The other fuss that I dislike was lack of DFS shopping at Budget Terminal!
Here we come, Hong Kong!
We arrived at night and made our way to my aunt’s home which is near the central, MongKok. Our accomodation is kindly provided by my aunt which again save us some money for shopping! Me and my best friend spend a wooping 8 days in Hong Kong! I won’t be going through what I did for each day but more of an overall summary of where we went. I hope this is a useful guide for those who are planning their trip to Hong Kong! This post would be about all the sight-seeing and attractions.
Ocean Park

Ocean park is a theme park that are more suitable for thrill-seeking people but even so, this theme park is great for families as well. Unlike Disneyland, which I find the rides a bit bland for me, visiting Ocean Park is much more fun. Comparing to Disneyland, Ocean Park is much bigger and all the thrilling rides are located at the top of the mountain. You would have to take the cablecar or a train up the mountain. Well, we definitely cannot get that in Singapore! Our tallest hill is Mount Faber. The view differs a lot! The last time I visited Ocean Park was around 7 years ago and there are definitely changes to Ocean Park. Even so, it brought back many memories for my visit then to Ocean Park as I vividly remember how i dragged my uncle for my first roller coaster ride( with double loop!) and resulted in him almost spraining his neck. I admit, Im the culprit.

Hey panda! We are smilar you know? Our dark eye circles.

The top two pictures of the goldfish are my favourite! The goldfish on the left has the O.O expression and the one on the right is just so chubby I want to squeeze it hard! Okay, please don’t report me as an animal abuser.
How to get there:
Take Bus 629 from MTR Admiralty Station Exit B
Try not to go there on Friday or weekends as the bus queue would be crazy long! When I went there, the queue was revolving around a huge building, like a snake! It was horrible.

Stanley Market


If you have all the time in the world, Stanley Market is a nice place to chill out by the sea. And if you would like some shopping, they have stalls just like Ladies’ Street. However, the items that they sell are slightly more expensive as they target the tourists. Bargain well, and you might get yourself a good deal!
I love the bars along the sea which is a nice place to sit back, and relax. The other disadvantage is that you need to spend at least an hour to get to Stanley Market by public transport. I took the time for a nap on the way back to the MTR by bus.
How to get there:
1. MTR Hong Kong Station Exit D and take bus 6, 6A, 6X, 66 or 260 at Exchange Square Bus Terminus.
2. MTR Causeway Bay Station Exit B, walk to Tang Lung Street then take green minibus 40.
3. Bus 973 from Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui outside Silvercord Centre. 

The Peak

I am sure many of you who have plans to visit Hong Kong or had visited Hong Kong before would have heard about The peak. Madame Tussauds wax museum is located there as well! The peak is a place with a great view and you actually need not pay for the entrance to the Peak Tower Sky Terrace for the view. If you were to walk down the Peak Tower outside and towards this little small trail around the hill/moutain, you would be able to get a clear view of Hong Kong, and it is for free!

This is the first Hong Kong beauty brand – Two Girls.

It was really foggy when we went up to the Peak Tower, before our dinner. What a wasted trip.

And after our dinner, we went out of the tower, towards the side of the hill and finally…we had a better view.

It was my second visit to the Peak and I am sure it would be the most memorable visit for this trip. Why? I had a scrumptous dinner at the Peak, courtesy of my Uncle. Western food to be exact. What did I eat? Oysters, fresh oysters and 4 of them! Having a very weak stomach, I ended up with mild food poisoning the following day and it worsens the 3rd day as I was down with horrible dirrhea and fever. 2 of my days were lose in the midst of falling sick. Lesson of the story, never to eat fresh Oysters again, at least not 4 in one go. My poor best friend had to stay at home with me throughout the 2-3 days. It was frustrating to fall sick during holiday trips, don’t you think?! 
How to get there:
1. Take the Peak Tram from the Lower Peak Tram Terminus on Garden Road (Bus 15C from the lay-by outside Star Ferry in Central or walk from MTR Central Station Exit J2).
2. Bus 15 from Exchange Square Bus Terminus (MTR Hong Kong Station Exit D)
3. Green minibus 1 from MTR Hong Kong Station Public Transport Interchange.
The next post would be up as soon as soon as I am free! Hope that you find this post useful!

Thanks for reading ~

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