HK Travelogue: Food + SASA Makeup Haul

On July 5, 2013 by Michelle

Hi all!


As I was going through all my draft posts (I have 30 of them – oh gosh!). I realized that I had not yet posted the 3rd part of my Hong Kong travelogue! This is definitely such a long time ago. Still, I wanted to post this up so here it goes! Read my part 1 and part 2! All photos are taken with my Iphone 5.

One thing I miss about Hong Kong are their pastries. My favourites have to be the Lao Po Bing (Wife Cake) and the egg tarts. This stall was directly under my grandmother’s block where I stayed at during my HK trip. You can find similar stalls at every corner of the street especially at MongKok.

It has been years since I have had my share of their egglets – taste just like waffles but in the shape of eggs. I like to peel the eggs one by one and pop them into my mouth. That is how my mum enjoyed hers back in her childhood days.

For lunch on my second day in HK, my mum brought me to try the famous Good Hope Noodles at Mongkok.

Here is their famous minced meat noodles (Jar Jeung Meen ???)! That red pile of bloody looking sauce is actually minced meat in the famous slightly spicy and sweet sauce. I mix the sauced with the noodles and quench my thirst with the soup. I want to go back for more!

My mum had her Wanton noodles and they were pretty alright. I like the ??? more.

Good Hope Noodles Mongkok
146 Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mong Kok Hong Kong 2393 9036


After lunch and some hair washing at a salon for a few bucks (better than buying a travel sized shampoo), we went on a hunt for this little dessert place that my Aunt recommended.

On our way there, we passed by this traditional stall selling charcoal roasted chestnut and sweet potato. As I was writing this, the smell of the fragrant roasted chestnuts and sweet potato is still lingering in my nose (imaginary smell or course).

Finally, we stopped by the dessert cafe, famous for flaming snow mountain!

We ordered a caramel banana flaming mountain with a hidden chocolate ice cream under that heap of beaten white eggs (meringue).

Look at the flames! So pretty to look at.

Once the flames stopped, it was time to dig in! I like the coolness of the ice cream inside the mountain and the warmth of the meringue  together with the liqueur. Being an alcohol addict (not an alcoholic! I just love the taste of alcohol), I wished they use more liqueur.

Too bad my mum and I still have a pretty full stomach or else we would have ordered other desserts to try. Unfortunately, their oven was not in function that day so I was unable to try their Irish Bailey Souffle or their Chocolate Pudding Cake. Perhaps next time?

Gormet Desserts Cafe

6 Portland Street, Yau Ma Tei (Yau Ma Tei MTR station Exit C)


Portland Street is located next to Waterloo Street (which is next to Nathan Road).

With sufficient eating, I stopped by SASA to pick up some cosmetics because they are still cheaper than getting them in Singapore! I also spotted the Revlon Kissable Lip Balm Stain which just launched in Singapore as well. Read my review HERE.

For dinner, I had a steamboat with my paternal side of the family. I wish I knew the address of this place, they have pretty awesome food!

The fried fish skin were to die for!

Salmon sashimi were fresh too!

The soup base for the steamboat.




Pig’s small intestine. Hate these. Unlike my Hong Kong family and relatives, I still dislike eating internal organs.

Squid sashimi – yum!!!

Beef, that taste like wagyu beef – OMG.

Spring rolls.

Some sort of fish? I forgot what those are.


Spent the night over at my aunt’s house and I was flipping through the family albums. Look at the expression on my brother’s face. Epic.

Ain’t he a cutie? Sigh, I used to have such a sharp chin.  I used to be skinny too. And I used to love pink. Funny how everything is a total opposite now.

Before flying off at Hong Kong Terminal 2, I always have curry rice from this stall on level 2 food court.

Their curry totally reminds me of the curry I had in Tokyo years ago. Not exactly the same, but it is comparable.

And I did some last minute shopping at Guardians (called Mannings in HK) and purchased my favourite Boots No. 7 Quick thinking wipes. They are the best in my opinion.

See how this makeup wipes inflated like a balloon in the airplane? So cute! Like a pillow.

Below is my overall makeup haul:

  • Koji Eyebrow Mascara, Pink Brown (HKD79)
  • Heorine Make Volume & Curl Mascara + remover (HKD89)
  • Oil blotting paper (HKD18)
  • Heorine Make Long & Curl Mascara + remover (HKD89)

This time I only buy what I need. Okay fine, the oil blotting paper was an impulse because of the pandas, but I do need oil blotting papers. So that conclude my HK travelogue.



Thanks for reading ~


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