Haul: Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Defination Liquid Makeup

On October 19, 2012 by Michelle

Hi guys!


TGIF! Im excited for my SCAPE flea on Sunday!

Just a few days back, I posted a foundation wishlist (HERE) and you will realize that one of the top foundations that has been appearing in the magazines as of late is not on my wishlist. You’ve guessed it, I purchased the foundation so technically speaking, I am not wishing for it anymore. It’s in my possession!

It’s the new Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Defination Liquid Makeup!

This retails for $62, at Sephora.


The shade I purchased is 2.0 (which fits NC20). 1.0 would fits NC15 nicely. Foundation shades ending with .0 has a yellow tone whereas foundation shades ending with a 0.5 has a pink tone.

I realise that when you apply the foundation onto your face, its lighter than what you see in the bottle. Only after a few hours of wear would your foundation oxidse a little to match the shade in the bottle. That’s why i chose NC20 when Im in between NC15 to 20.

At the UD counter, UD has  a shade selector where you place the plastic sheet above against your jawline and see which shade blends into your skin the best.

I am kind of in between 0.1 but chose 0.2 instead cause it applies lighter like I mentioned above, and also my face seem to be getting slightly tanner now so I guess I’m very close to NC20 now.

This is how 2.0 looks like. Yellow-based as you can tell. And the texure is runny. Have been using this foundation non stop for more than 2 weeks now, and I am already used up 20% of the bottle. Review to be up soon!



Thanks for reading ~

2 Responses to “Haul: Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Defination Liquid Makeup”

  • Hi Michelle,
    Love yr foundation reviews! How do you get yr skin matched (NC20 etc)?
    Btw, is UD paraben free & silicon free? I’ve been a Stila fan for many yrs cos their products are…, but I seemed to have changed color and their shades don’t match me so well anymore! Love to hear yr recommendations!

    • Michelle

      Hi, I got my skin matched at Mac stores quite some time back 🙂
      The naked skin is paraben free, but dont think its silicon free.
      Havent tried Stila products actually. What kind of foundations are you looking for?

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