Haul + Swatches: BH Cosmetics Pro Eyeshadows

On February 18, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


Not long ago, BH Cometics had a 40% or 50% off storewide and I couldn’t resist getting some eyshadows! It was during the Black Friday period so yes that, was actually very long ago. I had problems with the shipment of the package and BH cosmetics had to reship the parcel again as the first one was lost. However, for the 2nd parcel, the orders arrived was short of two eyeshadows. Even though they offered to refund them, I just think that international shipping is quite risky. My first order with them was not an international shipping order but I had my orders sent to my Comgateway US address and everything then was very smooth. Okay, enough of the rant, here is what I have purchased!

I realised that I had little shimmery eyesadows in my stash as mostly are all matte. Hence, this order has mostly shimmery eyeshadows. I did however picked up 2 matte ones as well just because I couldn’t resist matte eyeshadows. For just $2 per eyeshadow (international shipping included), I must say they are very worth it!

I like thier 15 palette because it is very sturdy. It is very well worth for the price. Just to compare, I placed MAC palette together with BH Cosmetics palette. Despite it being smaller than MAC, Bh cosmetics palette is much heavier because it has a huge mirror in it. This would be pretty useful for travelling but the weight is a little off-putting.

Before I start swatching my eyeshadows, I realised that I already have something similar to 3 of the eyeshadows from this purchase. In fact, they look like exact dupes!

BH Cosmetics CS11 against Starsmakeuphaven Mermaid

BH Cosmetics WS05 against Starsmakeuphaven Bombshell

BH Cosmetics MS05 against Mac Cranberry

Swatches of my dupes:

Left to Right: SMH Mermaid, SMH Bombshell, Mac Cranberry

This keeps me wondering if StarsMakeupHaven and BH Cometics actually share the same eyeshadow factory supplier.

Anyway, I am planning to give away these 3 in a giveaway so stay tuned!!

Now onto the swatches!

Oh yes, this is how the interior of the BH cosmetic palette looks like. See how big the mirror is?


Left to Right: MS04, MS20, MS15, CM04, MM18, CS16

My favourite is MS15 because it is a duo-chrome. There is this minty-moss green shimmers in the blue eyeshadow. If you see it in real life, it is a beautiful duo-chrome. MM18 is not a standard bright yellow. In fact, in real life, it is a mustard yellow which I find pretty hard to come by. I always tend to see bright yellows being sold. CS16 will have a little bit of fall-out and is the most glittery of the bunch among all these eyeshadows.

I placed all my BH cosmetics eyeshadows into one palette. The four additional eyeshadows were from my first BH Cosmetics haul.

The last four eyeshadows: WM03, WM06, WM20, CM15

All the eyeshadows side by side.

I might get more eyeshadows to fill up my BH cosmetics palette. Fingers are getting itchy! However, this time, I made sure that I have my ordres ship to my US address!




Thanks for reading ~

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