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On November 24, 2010 by Michelle


“Sales” is one word that I am very sensitive to. I agree with Vion that whenever we hear the word “sales”, we can never resist it. So, what can we do? Control our spending during the sales. Skipping the sales is highly impossible since there are such great deals for grabs! It is a chance not to be missed. Shiseido sales is my first visit. So is the Dior warehouse sale. If you want to visit the sales, you still can! Both sales are ending tomorrow.

What you can expect from the sales (from what I can recall):


  • Majorca Majolica – Lash bone, eyeshadow palettes, base, automaic liners (3 for $20), foundation, foundation case $8, plumping gloss
  • Ettusais– eyeshadows, zero pore foundation, lipsticks, cheek colours, hyper curl volume/long mascara $12, hyper curl mascara ex separate $8
  • CPB – I am unsure as I did not check out this counter, but the highly raved loose powder was not available for sale.
  • Maquillage– Lipstick $12, lipglosses, UV lasting powder foundation case and refill, cream shadow, eyeshadows $8, blushes, palettes (even from LE alexander wang collection)
  • Shiseido– Benefiance, White lucent, Bio-performance, Future fx skincare lines (ranging around $40), cream liquid powder foundations available, lipsticks
  • ZA Tinted Moisturiser, mascara, 10 carat eyeshadow, lip plumping gloss, 2way foundation shade #34


From this sale, I think the skincare products are very worth it, especially when the expirary dates are relatively far from now (ie. 2014).


  • Addicts lipsticks and glosses $15 (limited shades left)
  • Rouge lipsticks $15 (quite a lot of shades left)
  • Nail varnishes $12 (5 shades when i left)
  • Eyeshadow 5 colours palette $35 (limited colours left)
  • Total capture liquid foundation $38~


There were some other skincare products which I did not take note of.




My total damage for myself is $170 and for my mum (as XMAS PRESENTS!) is $170.

What did I get for my mum? Skincare products! She is a now a Shiseido fan ever since my aunt passed down some samples for her. Hence, I think giving these skincare to her as a xmas present would be the best idea.

The most expensive is the white lucent serum which is $60. The rest are around $30 – $40 which is so much cheaper than retail!

As for my own loots… I did very well at the Shiseido sale! My tactic is to ignore all colour makeup (lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushers) and it works! The only items I aimed for were powder foundation cause I have been wanting to try powder foundation from Shiseido or Maquillage for a long time! Moreover, I needed a new powder foundation cause the one from Burberry sucks! More in-depth review on it coming later.


The Maquillage foundation refill and compact is $30. MJ lash bone is $8. Shiseido the makeup poreless foundation is $20 and Maquillage foundation compact is $12.

My most favourite buy has to be my Maquillage foundation compact from Alexander Wang! I love that designer (: If I am not wrong, any foundation refills under Shiseido company should be able to fit into the casing from any brand. Hence, I bought this AW foundation compact for my Shiseido foundation refill.

And the refill fits perfectly! *winks*

Right, after the Shiseido sales, I made my way down to Great world city for DIOR! It was a last minute decision for me. I was hesitant at first but I guess curiosity got hold of me. I must say that I made a right decision (: I love my loots but my wallet is struggling to survive.


These were my first Dior products and I am in luck to be able to go for this sale. All nudes, as expected (: Dior Rouge in 238 and Dior addict in 178.

These has to be the star products of the haul! For $35 each, this is the reason why they are selling like hot cakes in the sale! I have here 173 Night butterfly and 140 Twilight.

The eyeshadows are velvety soft. The texture is quite similar to Guerlain eyeshadows. The only eyeshadow that is rough is the black eyeshadow in the middle, for both palettes.

If you have the time, do try to go for these sales and find these treasures! (:


Thanks for reading ~

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