Haul + Review: Brushes from Sigma and Brushlab

On April 29, 2011 by Michelle



This is my little brushes haul from months ago! I decided to just get this up before my next brush haul. Here is a promise to myself, no more brushes purchases, for at least 6 months! Even though I just made another brush order yesterday 😛

The brushes above are from Sigma and Brushlab. Most of you would be known Sigma by now, a company which manufactures their own brushes that are similar to Mac. Whether they are great dupes for Mac brushes or not depends on each individual. Some compare them by the number of hair the brush shed, or some compare them by price etc. I personally like them as they are a cheaper alternative, albeit not as great as Mac brushes.

I purchased the small contour F05 (similar to Mac 109) and the tapered blending E35 brush (similar to Mac 227).


If not for the logo, I would not have known that these brushes are non-Mac.

Here is my mini review:

Small contour F05– Great for contouring, as the name suggests, but I used this to buff foundation into my face. However, whenever I use liquid products on this brush, it sheds. I believe this happens to the Mac brush too as these brushes are not meant to be used for wet products like foundations.

Tapered blending E35 – This would be great for those with big creases or lids. I find this brush a tad too big for blending my eyeshadows. My favourite blending brush is still my Sigma small tapered blending brush E45!

If I am not wrong, Sigma is stil having 10% off at the moment and they ship worldwide!

Next, I purchased these brushes from Brushlab. They were 10% off at the point of purchase as well. Discounts may not be good because I think it made me spend unncessarily! I first heard about this brand from a youtuber called RAEview. She recommended the blending brushes and I am always on a hunt on blending brushes so why not try it?

Their handles are very interesting as they are rectangular. I find it holding the brush a little uncomfortable but I guess that is their design.

Alright, I added the big fluffy brush to my cart too before I paid. “whistles” Oh speaking of fluffy, whenever I come across this word, I keep thinking of Agnes from Despicable me:


Okay, sorry for the digression here. Back to the topic.

Here is my mini review:

Brushlab Powder brush – To start off, it’s fluffy! Made out of synthetic brushes, this is super soft. However, this may not be as dense as a kabuki and hence is only great of dusting powder, loose powder, over your face. I can also squeeze/flatten the crown of the brush with my fingers and use it for highlighting or contouring. It works nicely surprisingly.

Brushlab Blending brush – I find this to be more dense than my E45 or the E35. Hence if i were to use this to apply colour on my crease, I have to be very light-handed. If i were to use this brush alone to blend, it does a great job as well, but it still does not replace my E45. But I do like this more than E35.

I am not sure if Brushlab ships overseas from USA as I used the Vpost service. There is another alternative to this I believe which I have not tried before, and that is the Real Technique brushes by Sam Chapman of Pixiwoos. Her brushes are almost similar and are made of synthetic brushes as well!



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