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On November 6, 2011 by Michelle

Hello all!


This is my first part of my online makeup haul, an insane one to be honest. I am not sure what has gotten into me when I was collating my orders with a few of my friends for some online shopping. What was meant to be “harmless”, just some shopping as a treat for myself during my birthday weeks back, turned out to be fatal to my bank account! My spending snowballed and well, my retail therapy eventually was not therapeutic at all. Still, I am pleased with my haul, just not with my depleted savings.

A few weeks back in October, Bath and body works was having 20% off and there were some bundle deals going on. Tempted, I decided to try out their body lotions and their other lines they carry. At that time, halloween was coming so there were some halloween special edition lotions for sale.

Hence, i decided to get their Spider Cider body lotion and also PINK (by victoria secret) body lotion.

Spider cider is my favourite item from this haul. Both my mum and I were a fan of this scent. A pity I only purchased the small bottle of this and this is limited edition. Spider cider was written as “an intoxicating blend of juicy red berries, mouthwatering lemon and black sugar”. When you see the word cider, spices would be the first world that come to your mind right? Well, I don’t smell any spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg at all. What i have is a fruity scent. That I do not complain at all as I am a big fan of citrus scents!  I do smell some berry hints to it but not necessarily lemon. It has a combination of citrus and sweet so i guess the sweetness comes from black sugar. Overall, not a spicy scent but a pleasurable citrus scent for Spider Cider.

This I love too! Fresh & Clean is definitely the first two words I would use to describe the scent. I smell like I just came out of the shower! Great for days when you are too lazy to shower. Just kidding! That would be plain unhygienic. This is described to have the notes of apple and lily. I smell more of lily than apple so I guess this scent is less fruity but still fresh and even feminine. Again, another combination of fruity and sweet. The thing I like about this is that this is more longer lasting than BNBW Spider Cider. I applied this in the morning and I still smell so fresh at night! I for-see myself buying more bottles of this when i have the chance!

Japanese cherry blossom HandiBac. This is an anti-bacterial hand lotion. Initially I wanted to purchase the BNBW hand sanitizers but unfortunately they were prohibited by the Singapore customs as they contain alcohol. Bugger. To console myself, I decided to purchase the anti-bacterial hand lotion. Yes they have different purpose, that I am aware. This prevents bacterial and does not exactly kill the bacterial on my hands. I still have to end up using my Dettol hand sanitizers whenever I want extremely clean hands. I am quite a germaphobe, as stated before, just a mild one. Haha! This scent is definitely floral but not too overpowering. Not my favourite scent since i like fruity scents more, but my best friend love this a lot as she feels that this floral scent is very soothing. I do not mind this scent at all as this is definitely not those grandma-ish scent but of course, not my favourite either. If you are fan of floral scent, do give this a try!

Lastly, i purchased this ceramic owl oil warmer for essential oils. Again, essential oils were prohibited for shipping and I did not managed to get any from Bath and Body Works. I had to get this as I am a fan of owls – these creatures are so smart and cute! I have not used this yet so I am unable to commend on whether this is a good warmer or not. Could any of you recommend me some affordable fruity essential oils I can purchase in Singapore? I was thinking of trying some from Lemongrass House. Please comment if you have recommendations! Much thanks.

That is the end of my haul! More online hauls coming soon! And perhaps some reviews which i have promised before.




Thanks for reading ~

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