Haul + Review: Bath and Body Works again!

On February 4, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


This is another Bath and Body Works haul! Yes another one. This time is slightely different from my previous ones as I get to purchase items that are by right prohibited by customs if I were to ship them in. These items are non other than inflammable items. I am lucky to have the help of my friend’s god-sis to purchase on our behalf and pass to us when she returned from USA! So, thank you Grace!

Here are all my bath and body work stash together with my perfumes and fragrance mists! I placed them on my new Ikea four drawer chest right next to my bed. The drawer is acting as my night-stand and I place mostly all of my skincare products in them.

Alright, first up, I bought a bundle of the mini sized hand sanitizers!

It was Christmas season during the point of purchase, hence they are mostly Christmas limited edition scents.

From left to right, I have:

Brownie mix, Fresh apple market, Twilight woods, Winter candy aple, Sweet cinnamon pumpkin, Jolly gingerbread cookie

These fragrances lingers on even minutes after your application! That can be a good and a bad thing because well, if I were to use the brownie mix hand sanitizer, i would feel hungry all the time because the brownie scent is following me wherever I go. In addition to that, you would feel as if your hands are never clean because you just touched brownies with your bare hands! As much as I love the scent of the hand sanitizer, it can be quite bothersome as well!

I am not kidding! The brownie mix and the gingerbread cookies really smell like the actual ones.

Hence, my favourite scents would be those slightly natural ones, like fresh market apple or twilight woods! I totally recommend fresh market apple if you are an apple scent lover like me. Winter apple candy can be too sweet so if i were to choose, it would definitely be fresh market apple!

Next, I purchased two of Bath and body works essential oils. On the left, i have the scent leaves and on the right, it would be spiced cider.

As I have only tried the leaves scent, I can only comment on that. I quite like the leaves essential oil but it was nothing that I expected. I thought it would be the same smell as I would get from the earth after raining. This however, does remind me of leaves but in a sweet version. My parents actually hated it. I am on the fence on this one. I do not like things too sweet but I quite like the base note of the scent.

Here is the description of the leaves scent from BNBW website:

Autumnal notes of golden nectar, juicy mandarin and red delicious apple are paired with toasted cinnamon stick, mulled cider spices and freshly harvested red berries

I can definitely smell the cinnamon in it and I love cinnamon! That is probably why my mum hates it as she hates cinnamon too. It is spicy for sure but sweet to me at the same time, probably because of the golden nectar or juicy mandarin. There is only a slight hint of apple for me. So all I can say is there is a strong cider, and cinnamon smell, and is definitely a Fall scent.

I warmed up the essential oil using my Owl burner that I purchased for my first bath and body works purchase HERE. This owl burner is fantastic! Not only is it cute, the essential oil gets heated up pretty quickly. Unfortunately, this owl burner is not long on sale. However, I am sure the other oil burners from Bath and Body Works should do the same too.

You would only need 10 drops of the essential oil every time you use it. I can finish up using these 10 drops for 3 rooms! The fragrance will spread very quickly and the scent will remain in the room for up to a few hours.

I hope to pick up more of these essential oils in the future! I cannot wait to try the other scents.

Doesn’t this looks like a heart shape? Valentine’s day is coming soon :3 I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day actually but well to all those who do, this photo is for you.




Thanks for reading ~

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