Haul: More Wet ‘n’ Wild! (Pictures heavy)

On April 23, 2011 by Michelle



I thought I would just do a post while taking a break from the books. You know, relax a bit and doing what you love!

Recently, I received my Wet n Wild package and I went snapping away!

The 8 pans color icon palettes were made online so I had to grab them before they are gone since I heard these are only available in Walgreens in USA? Correct me if I am wrong.

In additon to the three 8 pan palettes, I also purchased the new trio in Silent Treatment as well as their blush in Pearlescent Pink.

Well, in the end, I didn’t open my Silent Treatment, not because it deserves the silent treatment, but I have am determined to use up most of my neutral eyeshadows first (such as the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay) before using new ones.

The problem with taking photos at night is that the camera picks up the same colur different when the photo is taken. The 2nd photo taken would be the closest to the actual product.


Pearlescent Pink is a rose pink with glitters in it. If you have known me, I dislike too much glitters in my blush. This blush has the right amount of glitters but again, I love matte blushes more. This would be an awesome blush from the drugstores if not for the glitters, for me.

Next, the star products from Wet n Wild!

First up, the Comfort Zone.


Among all the three palettes, this palette seems to have the smoothest consistency for all the 8 eyeshadows. And the best part of this palette is that there is a duochrome! Very seldom do you find a duochrome eyesadow in drugstore eyeshadows. No wonder this palette is snatched up like hot cakes!

This is the duochrome I am taking about. It is brown but with a green sheen. Lovely! As seen from my swatch above, the eyeshadow looks brown. But at another angle, it is a lovely green.


Coming right next is the Petal Pusher!


I am not that satisfied with this palette mainly because I had high hopes for these palettes. Some colours here are not as pigmented as the other 2 palettes and the darker shades are just ordinary due to the chunky glitters I feel. The palette shades have not much pigmentation either. I do have to say that these shades look pretty in the pans side by side.


Finally, let’s say hello to Blue had me at hello!

This is my second favourite palette even though I seldom wear blues. I know some of you do and this is an awesome palette! The aqua blue is simply gorgeous and the texture again is creamy. This is the only palette with the matte black. Overall, a great palette!

I heard Wet n Wild are coming out with limited editions palettes. Will I keep up to this chase? I guess 😛 And fret not, these palettes are permanenet!



Thanks for reading ~

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