Haul: Mac (Brushes, Powder, Primer and more!) + MAC Pump for Estee Lauder Double Wear

On February 14, 2014 by Michelle

Hey y’all!


Seems like I haven’t blog for almost a month! Work is definitely eating up most of my time! Since I have a few backlogs to clear, I shall first start with this MAC haul that I had done some time back where I went nuts at at MAC, and why wouldn’t anyone be when you have 50% off! My dear friend helped me to get some items using her friend’s MAC PRO card! I literally felt the adrenaline rush when I learn about the discount and frantically looked at the MAC website for shopping escape.

So this is mu haul!

I bought three brushes, 239 eyeshadow shader brush, 208 eyebrow/eyeliner brush and 217 blending brush.

Having had my old 217 and 239, I needed new brushes to replace them. My 217 is at least 4-5 years old, so old the MAC logo is gone! My 239 was a limited edition short handle brush from the Hello Kitty 2009 collection so I guess this brush is 3 years old now.

The 217 brush is slightly different from my old brush, well obviously from the old batch. Above you can see the side view of the brush and the new 217 brush is slimmer at its side compared to my old 217.

Side-view wise, they are pretty much the same.

Many must have heard about the Mac 266 eyeliner brush but I have opted for the 208 brush instead because it is much more defined / thinner. I like my eyeliner brush thin for my eyeliner so that I can get a more precise line.

This can be used for brows too but I bought this for the purpose of applying my gel or cream eyeliner.

And since I am crazy about base makeup lately (actually, it has been forever), I decided to buy these to try for my frist time – Mac prep + prime skin base visage, prep+primer loose powder and select sheer pressed powder.

Lastly, I bought the MAC foundation pump even though I have no MAC foundation. So what is it for?

It is for my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation! The straw is a little long for this Estee lauder bottle so i cut it shorter.

And tada! Everything fits! Now my Estee Lauder foundation has a pump which dispenses the product with ease. No more spilling of this foundation or wasting it from the excess pouring.




Thanks for reading ~


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