Haul: Luxasia Warehouse Sale 2011

On November 11, 2011 by Michelle

Hi everyone!


Yesterday was the Luxasia Sale and I believe many people took a day off work just for the sale! Thank goodness, I had no school yesterday so I get to troop down to the sale in the morning with Joanna, and Rusty, meeting Vion and Charlene J along the way. At the same, I saw a few familiar faces like Charlene (charlenelalapine) and Jennifer!

My haul!

Having been to the sale last year, I more of less have known which counters to target before all the popular items were sold out. My first dash was to the Guerlain perfume counter as I wanted my Guerlain Aqua Allegoria perfume! I love this Guerlain perfume line. Having tested a few of the scents under this line at Sephora before and I just grab whatever is available at the sale without even testing the tester because I believe I will like it! The one that I purchased was Cherry Blossom. I was lucky to have my hands on the Guerlain perfume as there were only a few bottles available!

The next perfume that I have been targeting was the Marc Jacobs Daisy. This is the original scent if I am not wrong, but in a limited edition packaging, called the Pop Art. I finally got my hands on the perfume I want! This totally makes my day!

The third perfume was just a perfume I tested on the spot and fell in love with. It is quite fresh and feminine at the same time, and this was my first time trying out a John Galliano perfume. What made me try the perfume was the packaging. It totally caught my eye when I was scurrying from one end of the warehouse to another. The bottle is simply gorgeous! There is no cap for this perfume and the alphabet G on the top can actually be pressed on to spray the nozzle.

Here is a clearer photo of the gems. I am a proud owner of 3 new perfumes and am not ashamed to admit it (:P), albeit being $140 poorer. Still, it was a great buy as $140 can only get you one perfume when you purchase from retail stores at retail price.

And here are the rest of my Guerlain Haul. I didn’t spend much time looking at other makeup brands such as IPSA, RMK or Stila, for fear of overspending. Being more focused on only a certain brands certainly controlled my spendings. Or else all hell break loose. Guerlain foundations are a must buy for Luxasia sale as they are only priced $35, which is around 40% off retail price! There are a few foundation lines available such as Parure Gold, Pearly White, Parure Extreme, Parure Aqua and even their newest foundation Lingerie De Peau. I wanted the Lingerie De Peau foundation but they only had two shades which are too dark for me. Hence I purchased Parure Aqua in 31 for myself and the other foundation is for my mum. For me, i made sure the foundation do not contain any alcohol since my skin is sensitive to it. Pearly White foundation is out of the question as it has alcohol.

I told myself before the sale never to buy any Guerlain eye or cheek makeup but I still ended up with a bronzer as they are too pretty to resist!

This is a pretty bronzer/blush – another great buy. However, this cannot be used as a contouring powder for me as it is quite shimmery.

So, that is my haul!

I had a long day yesterday as I had to celebrate my friend’s 21st birthday at night, and I baked her a cake! If you know me, I love baking! I made a New york cheesecake at her request and even made in pink which is her favourite colour!

Have a great weekend!



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