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On April 12, 2011 by Michelle



I am so hungry but I am not eating much because I cannot chew properly since I had my stitches removed. Well, at least I can slim down from not eating. Ha!

So recently, I received my Inglot eyeshadows from the US online website via Vpost. Unfortunately, Inglot USA do not accept international credit cards and hence you would need to order from their site via a concierge service. For me, I used Vpost concierge which charges a 5% fee.

The eyeshadows that I purchased are the refill / pan eyeshadows which you can place them in their own Free System palettes or your own magnetic palettes as the Inglot eyeshadow pans are magnetic. In my case I used my Z palettes.

Spot which ones are the Inglot eyehsadows!

The price of the eyeshadow varies according to the quantity you purchase. I was ordering with Inglot with some other friends and hence, I managed to score the Inglot eyeshadows at a price of $4.50. 

Quantity Price / Each


Their 10 pan palettes cost US$10. At the point of my purchase, they were having this promotion of buy 1 and get another for $15 off. However, I believe this promotion is already over.

Did I get the 10 pan palette? No, because I love my Zpalettes!

The shades that I purchased are L-R: 379 Matte, 376 Matte, 471 DS

Inglot classifies their eyeshadows into different categories namely – Matte, DS (Double sparkle), Shine, Pearl, AMC).  View all their shades HERE. There was supposed to be one more eyeshadow but Inglot missed out my eyeshadow! Pftttt. I hope they refund me or send me the missing eyeshadow.

Here, I have one matte dark grey, cornflower blueish-purple, and khaki green! I made sure that I have no similar colours in my stash before purchasing. It took me quite some time to decide.


The swatches came out true to the colours in the pan. Buttery smooth and of course, pigmented. That was just one swipe! Imagine when you use these over a base!

Each eyeshadow is roughly SGD7.50 after shipping for 2.7g of products. For such intense pigmentation, I think it is worth the money! I shall get my hands on more of these soon!



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