Haul: Illamasqua + Zoya polishes

On March 16, 2011 by Michelle

Hello there!


It has been a hectic week for me so far but blogging keeps the stress out of my mind, so here I am. These polishes had been in my possesion for weeks already and I have only gotten to taking photos of them now. Most of you must have heard, there was a Beauty Asia exhibition a few weeks back before my examinations, where nail polishes were sold for a much lower price than retail for brands such as Zoya, China Glaze, Essie, Color Club or more! Being stuck at home whilst wanting to rush to the exhibition is so toturing! Thanks to Kimberley who would be dropping by, she grabbed some Zoya polishes for me! THANK YOU!

Also a few weeks back, Illamasqua was having a sale and I had to grab a nail varnish after hearing so many raves about it!

So here they are, my first Zoya and Illamasqua polishes purchase!

From left to right: Kelly, Gemma, Pascha, Valerie, Muse

I realise that Illamasqua bushes are very slim. I personally prefer wider brushes for faster applications. As for the formula, they are excellent! Just one coat is sufficient.

All the polishes are of 2 coats except for Illamsqua which is just 1 coat!

Close ups:

My nails are so short at the moment but I am used to it being this way as I have a habit of cutting them really short, since my Uniform Group (St. John Ambulance Brigade) days in secondary school. Shorter nails means being more hygenic since dirt gets trapped under our long nails.

My only 2 “duochromes” polishes in my stash ^^



Thanks for reading ~

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