Haul: Estee Lauder Warehouse Private Sale 2015

On April 19, 2015 by Michelle

Hi there!

It has been a while since I have really made a big purchase for cosmetics. All along, I thought I am slowing withdrawing myself from the beauty craze but this is never possible. With each make up brand entering Singapore, or with every new launch by the beauty brands, it still makes my heart skip a beat. There, I have confessed. I am an obsessed beauty-holic with no return.

Anyway, for the sale on yesterday which I have given you a heads up about HERE, my beauty buddy Joanna (MissJology) and I went to queue at 9.30am, just 30 minutes before the sale started. There was already a snaking queue upon arrival. A big thanks to Joanna / Junry for the ticket anyway!

The crowd was insane but I was thankful for being able to grab the items that I had been eyeing on for ages. I always pull myself back when a certain MAC item was launched because I would secretly hope that I can get it at this kind of sale at a steal.


This my total damage for the day, but I am so stoked for being able to grab of some of the items here.


First up would be this Michael Kors Holiday Nail Lacquer set at $30, which means each nail lacquer is only $10 per bottle! If I am not wrong, each bottle retails for at least $37.


At the sale, they were also selling individual nail polish at $15 each. In lieu of the spring season right now, I could not get my eyes off this pastel bubblegum purple nail polish and decided to just get it or else I would regret it. Besides, I do not have this shade in my nail polish collection.


Here is the swatch of the MK Nail Lacquer in Whisper. The formula was opaque and not patchy at all. The smooth application also dries up fast. A great steal indeed.


This set contains three duo-chrome polish which is so my thing! I am definitely happy with these babies.


This was actually purchased right before I made my payment for my loots. I was making my rounds around the brands like Clinique, Estee Lauder, and Bobbi brown when this caught by eye. They had empty palettes for sale!


For only $6, I had to grab one knowing that I have a few ignored single eyeshadows and blush at home. Now I could form my own Bobbi Brown palette and carry it with me everywhere! Not to mention, their palette has this really humongous mirror which can be very handy.


Speaking of Bobbi Brown, they were also selling their lipsticks for $28 for two and since they had only this shade left, I shared this duo-deal with Joanna as I really want to try this lipstick. The salmon shade is a nice shade of coral which will work well on fair skins like mine. I have already tried this lipstick and for those with flaky lips should exfoliate and moisture before using. This can get a little drying and chalky.


Lastly, this my MAC face base haul! I was ecstatic when I saw the Face and Body foundation for sale as my favourite youtube guru NikkiTutorials, had been a fan of this foundation! This was also raved by a few of my friends so I had to try this. To me, I don’t mind getting more foundations as it is something that I run out fast for I use them everyday.

The second foundation I have gotten is the Pro Longwear Foundation which is also another wish list of mine since its launch. Now that it was on sale, it is only logical to put this in my cart.

Finally, I bought myself the blotting power which is definitely a go to product for me since I get oily very fast in the middle of the day. I am going to depot this powder into my limited edition MAC powder compact soon and I am going to show you my tutorial.

In this sale, they were also selling some Mineralized skinfinish natural which I did not manage to get as my shade was all sold out. Bugger!


This lipstick was bought as it was highly recommended by my friend Joanna again! Shopping with your friend is really damaging to your wallet! Nevertheless, this shade is a “my lips but better” shade and I can definitely see myself using it all the time.


So that wraps up my haul and I hope that you would enjoy reading this.



Thanks for reading ~

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  • Renee

    Hi Michelle!

    How can i go for this private sale? Im so interested!!! Is it over for 2016?

    Many thanks michelle!


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