HAUL: 2011 MAC private sale

On February 10, 2011 by Michelle



Just came back from the war! Mac war! I was too excited so I had to share with you guys now about the sale.

What’s inside?

Albeit not as hectic as last year, there were still some squeezing and I almost fell over the table while browsing the stuff. I was all prepped for the sale. Covered shoes and just tee and jeans. Compared to last year HERE, the sale is much spacious and organized. Great job Estee Lauder!

However, what kept me in real suspense before the sale was when we deposited our bags and queued right at the sale location watching the Estee Lauder staff who were let in first grabbing the items. Because of this wait, Jennifer was going a little nuts. Amy and Kas had some trouble trying to calm her down.

Finally, after a 2 hour wait at the sales queue, we were let in and here the adrenaline rush started. I scrambled to the blush section first only to be disappointed. There was only 1 msf and 1 blush. Here are my cheeks loots:

Left: Comfort MSF Right: The Soft Meow mineralized blush (texture is so soft!)

Swatches (MSF is on the right):

Eyeshadows and lipsticks were not that appealing to me. And all the lipglosses were too shimmery or frosty for my liking. Here is what I grabbed:

Anti-clockwise : Bold & Brash lipglass, Violetta lipstick, The Family Crest pigment, In The Groove MES, Carbon eyeshadow

Products that were selling like hot cakes were sets! These sets usually contain 5-6 items which I think are more worth it compared to single items. I ending up sharing some items with Joanna. For $30 per set, it’s really worth it!

Here I have: Well dressed blush, Desert Rose blush, Rose Beauty Powder, Lovechild MES, Lovechild lipglass, Nymphette lipglass


There were lots of Tales of Tartan sets and I bought one set just for the tin case! Terrible. Anyway I am planning to sell the products in the set at my SALES POST along with other items. I am so glad for not getting any of these from the collection at retail.

I didn’t want to get the palette but I couldn’t resist! Every Tales of Tartan collection seems to be at the sale except for lip kits.

This would not have happened if not for Kimberley and her friend for the ticket! So thanks!! I have a gut feeling there might be another Mac sale later this year as there were not many selection of products this time round. Nevertheless, I am so satisfied with my loots. I might ended up giving some away for my upcoming giveaway (: I can’t wait to see what others have hauled too! Anyway, here is my $190 damage:


Hope you enjoy my haul and have a great weekend ahead ~

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