Foundation / Base Review Series: Giorgio Armani ‘Designer’ Shaping Cream Foundation SPF 20

On September 11, 2011 by Michelle

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This series have not been touched for ages and since there have been quite a few requests for Giorgio Armani Designer Shaping Cream Foundation SPF 20 from my Hong Kong haul HERE, here is the review!

This foundation was my biggest splurge of all time as I have not purchased such an insanely expensive foundation before! This costs me nearly $90 if my memory serves me right. The downside on purchasing something during holiday trips is all the crazy impulse buys. Is this foundation worth the money or not? Let’s read my review below.

Giorgio Armani ‘Designer’ Shaping Cream Foundation SPF 20 Details:
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Price: USD$65

Design your skin to perfection. Luxurious double silk-like cream comfort. Radiant silk satin finish.

Luxurious double-silk blend cream foundation. Modeling silk fibers firm and contour skin while sculpting oils replenish and smooth skin with elegant, weightless coverage. Luminous micro-silk particles illuminate the face for an even complexion with a radiant finish.


Packaging: This foundation is in a tub, which is normal for cream foundations from other brands. They are seldom in a pump bottle as the foundation are usually too thick and may clog the pump. However, I am still iffy about tub foundations as you would be dipping your fingers inside, contaminating the foundation. Yes, I am quite a germaphobe. The only solution I do is to sterilize my hands with a hand sanitizer every time I use this base. Perhaps they should use a squeeze tube bottles like BB creams or think up of a pump bottle meant for cream foundations. They sure have enough capital to research on that! But yes, the thick frosted jar does look more expensive than a pump or squeeze bottle. Some of the foundation may go onto the lid too which is quite a waste, especially at the rims of the cover.

Value: For $65, I only wish GA do something about the packaging. This price is probably on par with other departmental brand cream foundations as well.

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Colour range: The range of the colour provided is not bad as it is suitable for almost everybody in the market. I am NC15 and was matched to #4. Anybody who is light that NC15 might have trouble finding a shade for them. I heard that there is a shade #2 but I might be wrong. At the Giorgio Armani stand-alone store in Hong Kong, #4 light sand is the lightest that they have. #4 for me is just right but not quite yellow or golden enough. Other than that, it fits me great.

Scent: There is definitely a scent to it, something like baby powder and it is not overpowering at all, a scent that everybody can live with.

Coverage and texture: Creamy yet lightweight is how I would describe this. Even though it is a cream foundation, it does not cake up on me at all. However, this is not a head on full coverage foundation and in fact only gives medium coverage. I’m not complaining as I can apply a second layer on areas that I like to cover more without caking up because this foundation is that emollient. As this foundation is so creamy and light, my pores are not emphasized. This is great for people with normal to dry skin. This gives a natural dewy finish.

You can see the creamy texture here.

Blending in…

Fully blended.

Lasting power: As I set my all my foundation with loose setting powder, foundations tend to last better on me than without the setting powder, probably a few hours more. For this foundation, its no exception. On me, this looks good on me for at least 6 hours. Please bear in mind that in this humid weather, cream foundations unfortunately do not last as long as liquid foundations.

Product overall: The formula is very lightweight and blending is pretty effortless. It is moisturizing too but this may be a problem for people with very oily skin. This sets well giving me a natural satin finish. In sunny Singapore, sunscreens are a must and this foundation helps with Its high sunscreen factor which is in-part titanium dioxide. This is rich (moisturizing) and not heavy which is not common in cream foundations. One plus point is that this contains no alcohol as well and the ingredients that go into this foundation is friendly to the skin. Overall, I would say this foundation is best for people with pretty good, dry to normal skin.

Will I repurchase it again? Yes!



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