Foundation / Base Review Series: Burberry Sheer Luminous Compact Foundation

On December 9, 2010 by Michelle

Hello everyone!

I would be starting a new series of reviews on foundation or face bases. Right now, I am on a hunt for the best foundation so I would like to share with you my experiences with the products I have encountered.

The first foundation to start the ball rolling would be Burberry Sheer Luminous Compact Foundation. I purchased this back in my HK trip during October. Ever since then, I had used this together with my liquid foundation and here is my take on this product (:

Burberry Sheer Luminous Compact Foundation Details:
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Price: USD$55

Formula: An outstanding texture to be used dry for a sheer finish, or damp for more intense coverage. Comfortable all day long, it blends effortlessly.

Benefits: An innovative formula that protects and refines the features. Seamlessly adherent and imperceptibly smooth.

Protection: The formula keeps the skin soft and supple. Contains UV filters to protect from damaging environmental exposure.

How to use: Burberry Sheer Foundation helps minimize any unwanted shine. Apply lightly for a natural look. Apply with a wet sponge for a velvety finish or a dry sponge for more sheer finish.


  • Includes protective fabric pouch debossed with Burberry check.
  • By Burberry


Packaging:Metal packaging with the trademark Burberry checks imprinted. The powder itself also has the Burberry checks which will disappear after around 6-8 uses. This compact has 2 compartments where the lower compartment store a foundation puff. The base of the compact has fancy openings for ventilation. However, as you can tell from my above photos, the compact invites a lot of fingerprints on it. The unique thing about this luxurious compact is that the lid is magnetic, which is not what you see in most compacts.

Value: For $55 / (and an estimated of SGD70~ when this line is coming to Singapore in 2011), I would have to say that this is one expensive compact! The price is comparable to other luxury lines such as Chanel, Dior or Guerlain and more. One bad point to take note of is that this compact is not refillable hence, once you finish the product, the luxurious packaging has to go to the trash. A pity I would say, and not environmental friendly.

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Colour range: The range of the colour provided is not bad as it is suitable for almost everybody in the market. If I am not wrong, even numbered shades are pink toned whereas odd numbered shades are yellow toned. The shade that I have is Trench No. 3 which is a warm light beige suitable for NC25. However, even though it looks beige on the pan, it is not yellow enough for me. Hence, for those who are very yellow, this foundation might end up looking a bit pink on you.

Scent:This scent is revolting for me. Okay, that is too strong a word to describe the scent, but it is just awful (for me at lesat!). This foundation is heavily scented with a rose .

Coverage: Unlike most of the compact foundations I encounter, this gives the skin a natural glow. In a word, it is dewy. Coverage-wise, do not expect it to cover any flaws. All it can do at best is to even out your skin tone, so this foundation is great for people with great skin.

Lasting power: It does not last on me for even a few hours. I do not know why exactly, but I think it is because of the oil my face secreted. This foundation has barely no oil controlling properties thus I get shiny very easily, which break the foundation apart.

Product overall: The formula is very lightweight and blending is pretty effortless. It is moisturizing too but this may be a problem for people with oily skin. Although the foundation feels comfortable on the skin, it does not set into my skin entirely well. Overall, I would say this foundation is best for people with pretty good, dry to normal skin.

Will I repurchase it again? Highly unlikely.


Thanks for reading ~

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