Foundation / Base Review Series: Bio Essence Multi-effect BB Cream SPF25

On December 14, 2010 by Michelle



Do you remember the BB cream craze that originated from Korea about a year back? Well, I was swayed at that time and wanted to try a BB cream but never got around to. Now, I have a chance to try not one, but three bb creams all thanks to TheSampleStore and Bio-essence. BB creams are face bases that has skincare properties and most of the time, contain sunscreens. They supposedly help improve your skin condition while wearing it.

The Bio-essence BB cream Series contain the:

  • Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BB cream – for whitening
  • Bio-Essence Aqua BB cream – for moisture
  • Bio-Essence Multi effect BB cream – for coverage



From this picture alone, you can see that the bio-multi effect bb cream has the most coverage, followed by bio platinum and aqua bb cream. The shades for each bb cream also differ from one another. Aqua has the darkest shade, whereas bio platinum has the lightest. None of them however are yellow and they are either ashy, neutral or pink.

Today I am going to do a review for Bio-Multi Effect BB cream first.

Bio Essence Multi-effect BB Cream details:

Bio-Essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream SPF25/PA++ is an all-in-one product that has both skincare and makeup properties. It is uniquely blended with Bio Energy Fluid, Titanium Dioxide, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Ginseng and Angelicae to nourish while protect skin against harmful UV rays.

8-in-1 benefits –
* Smooth velvety texture to provide a natural and flawless finish
* Presents a flawless, radiant and natural makeup
* Refines pores and whitens complexion
* Protects skin from harmful UV rays
* Provides lasting hydration to prevent skin dryness
* Nourishes skin with the essential nutrients and mineral elements to revitalize skin
* Improves skin texture for smoother, softer, refined and fairer skin
* Regulates oil secretion

Directions to use:
* At the final step of your skincare regime, squeeze an adequate amount of content and apply evenly on face.
* Pat lightly to avoid uneven patches.

Packaging:These are squeeze tubes which are hygienic, but I find the opening of these tubes too big. Once I remove the cover, the BB cream will come oozing out even though I did not apply pressure on the tube.

Value: For $28 / 30g, I find that this is a great alternative to foundations. Moreover, this has skincare properties which most foundations do not have.

Colour range: There is only 1 colour for this bb cream and hence, this will not suit everyone. Even though BB creams are supposed to blend into your actual skin colour, this may end up being a different colour from your neck. As for me, this bb cream is just a tad dark for me (NC15-20) and is too ashy. As you can see in the photo below, once applied to my skin, my face is a little too pink/ashy when compared to my neck. However, after just 3 hours of wear, the bb cream oxidises and the colour is much more natural.

Scent: There is definitely a fragrance like all other BB creams do. Luckily, the fragrance is not too over-powering.

Coverage: This definitely has good coverage as it manages to cover the acne scars I have on my cheeks. It manages to even out my skin tone, making my skin fresher looking. The concealing powder is pretty strong such that it covers even the pockmarks found on orange peel. As for my skin, it seem to do the same as well. .

Lasting power: After just 3 hours of wear, there seems to be some shine on my face and it is getting a bit sticky from the oil secreted. Oil control is definitely not as great as normal foundations, but that is because of the moisturizing properties.

Product overall: On my first try, this bb cream did not work out for me. It was sticky and somehow, it emphasizes my dry flakes. After having learnt my lesson, I used a setting powder on my second try and because of that, my bb cream lasted longer (3 hours) and my face was silky smooth. Since this bb cream has a SPF of 25, I need not apply any sunscreen before the bb cream. And neither do I need a moisturizer. This bb cream is so convenient. I do admit, my face has many flaws, but this bb cream manages to hide most of them.


Will I repurchase it again? Yes. It is best for casual 2-3 hours trips to grocery etc.


Thanks for reading ~
These products were sent to me for reviews, but my opinions are 100% honest.



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