Foundation / Base Review Series: Bio essence Bio Platinum BB Cream SPF25

On December 15, 2010 by Michelle

Just two days ago, I did an review on Bio-Essence Multi effect BB cream. Click HERE for reviews.

Today, I am going to do a review for Bio Essence Platinum BB cream first.

Bio Essence Platinum BB Cream details:

Whitening Sunscreen, Repair & Nude Makeup in 1 Step!

Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BB Cream SPF25/PA++ is an 10-in-one product that has both skincare and makeup properties. It is enriched with platinum that revitalizes the skin and protects against free radical damage. Its moisturizing formula prevents skin dryness and its lightweight texture conceals all flaws.

Bio-essence commercial:

10-in-1 benefits –
* Enriched with Platinum to nourish the skin, protect against free radical damage and revitalize skin.
* platinum is the rarest and most stable form of precious metal, it not only makes skn more radiant, but also lightens fine lines and wrinkles.
* Light velvety texture, effectively conceals flaws with a natural , nude finish
* Enriched with Tanaka Extract to make skin fairer and keep it cool even under the hot sun
* Refines pores and smoothens skin
* Nourishes skin with herbs, nutrients & mineral elements to revitalize skin
* Regulates oil secretion
* Protects skin from harmful UV Rays and external pollutants
* Moisturizers skin to prevent dryness
* Reveals flawless, radiant & natural makeup. Look younger & more charming.

Directions to use:
* At the final step of your skincare regime, squeeze an adequate amount of content and apply evenly on face.
* Pat lightly to avoid uneven patches.

Packaging:These are squeeze tubes which are hygienic, and the opening is not as big as the Multi-Effects BB cream. I find this easier to obtain the desired amount of bb cream from the tube.

Value: For $28 / 30g, I find that this is a great alternative to foundations. Moreover, this has skincare properties which most foundations do not have.

Colour range: There is only 1 colour for this bb cream and hence, this will not suit everyone. Even though BB creams are supposed to blend into your actual skin colour, this may end up being a different colour from your neck. As for me, this bb cream is a perfect match for me (NC15-20). This not ashy at all but I wish that it is more yellow to suit my skintone better.

Scent: There is definitely a fragrance like all other BB creams do. Luckily, the fragrance is not too over-powering.

Coverage: This definitely has pretty decent coverage but it does not compare with the coverage of the Multi-effects bb cream. Nevertheless, it still manages to even out my skin tone, making my skin fresher looking.

Lasting power: This will melt off within an hour or two, hence I would need a setting powder again. Because this is moisturizing, my skin tends to get oily fast. The finish of this is quite sticky, like most bb creams.

Product overall : After having tried 2 bb cream, I am starting to like it more even though I still prefer my foundations that are much longer lasting. Again, as mentioned, these bb creams would be great for running errands outside for 3-4 hours. When you are in a hurry, they are great products as well since they are so many face products in 1 (concealer, moisturizer, sunscreen). Instead of piling loads of products on your face, you can just slap on this bb cream go. One downside is that since this is not very long lasting, your face would no longer look as natural after a few hours of wear, which defeats the purpose of wearing bb cream (that is to look natural).


Will I repurchase it again? Perhaps.




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These products were sent to me for reviews, but my opinions are 100% honest.

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