Food review: Nook Cafe DIY Your Own Pancakes

On August 20, 2013 by Michelle

Hi all!


Nook House of Pancakes was only a few streets away from my house so naturally, I popped up one lazy Sunday afternoon to try their pancakes.

The unique factor to this little restaurant is that you can get to do-it-yourself pancakes!

How this works is that you choose the flavour and amount of pancake batter, followed by the sides.

Beside pancakes, they have other main course as well.

Cheeseburger soup. This is one sinful soup I’d tell ya! Cheese and all the beef goodness. However, if can be a little too filling if you were to consume this yourself, speaking from a girl’s point of view.

The usual Egg Benedict that every brunch restaurant serves.

Beef sandwich. This is quite a disappointment because the whole sandwich is a little dry.

Now comes the pancake part! Time for fun!

This set cost $25 for regular flavoured pancake batter with 3 toppings.

For the toppings, I chose caramelized apples, kit kats and blueberries.

I topped up for smoked salmon – my favourite!

So Nook of Pancakes will have a hot grill for you to well, make your own pancakes.

One trick to knowing when to flip your pancake is when you see bubbles in your pancake batter.

Tada, nicely browned pancake on one side.

I think I can continue doing this throughout the entire day! It’s such a fun activity with your friends or your loved ones, creating your pancakes and sharing your fun and laughter with one another at the same time. That is definitely some quality time spent!

While the pancake is pretty mediocre, but the fun factor definitely brought this to a whole new level.

Instead of making regular circular shapes, I started venturing out doing other weird shapes.

Skinny pancakes, anyone?

This is when I started to get creative….

And believe it or not…my dad drew this -.- A pile of shit.

Doggie pancake!

Did I mentioned I took these pictures way back in Christmas 2012? >.<

Christmas tree, lol!

I wanted to make a Chanel logo but we ran out of batter.


NOOK House Of Pancakes
Bukit Timah , 21 Lorong kilat #01-03, Singapore, Singapore



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