Food Review: Max Brenner (Vivo City) + Upcoming: XOXO, Esmée Collection 03

On September 23, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


A few weeks back, me and Kimberley were having a shoot for my XOXO, Esmée store at Vivo City. To celebrate our hard work after our shoot, we indulge ourselves with chocolate at  Max Brenner Chocolate Bar!

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar is the perfect destination for all chocolate and dessert lovers. A complete range of chocolate related food and drinks such hot chocolate, cakes and waffles are available.

I treated myself with a cookie sandwich! Since I have misplaced my receipt for this, I am unable to provide the actual name for this dessert. Shows how lousy of a food blogger I am yes? Guess I shall stick with beauty blogging!

This has to be my favourite shot of the dessert. Artistic, no?

For this, I get two giant-a*s chocolate cookies, with dark chocolate ice cream, chocolate balls and and sauce around the plate. Chocolate overload or what! Being a fan of chocolate, I even find this too sweet for my liking. The ice cream alone is fine, since it is dark chocolate. The sweetness come mainly from the cookies. The icing sugar is not helping either!

I keep yearning for more strawberries because the sourness of the strawberries help to balance out the sweetness of the cookies. The ice cream was fantastic for the hot weather though. If only the cookies were smaller, or if the chocolate in the cookies were darker, I would have enjoyed this dessert more. On top of that, the cookies were not crunchy enough, and it felt like the cookies have been baked a few days before – just not fresh enough.

This dessert is probably meant for 2pax, but well, I was greedy and probably overate. Overall, an average dessert. I would love more dark chocolate in this to lower the sweetness level. The next time I were to visit Max Brenner again, I would order only the ice cream. The ice cream is pretty dark, though it could go darker in my opinion. Thumbs up for the ice cream if you are a chocolate lover.

Kimberley has a chocolate drink which I have tasted and it’s not bad! The only complaint we have is that the straw is made of metal. What’s wrong with that? Well, we have a similar trait and that is we both like to chew on straws!



Max Brenner Chocolate Bar (VivoCity)

Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-116 VivoCity, Singapore

Tel: +65 6278 4218


Here is a sneak peek for our 3rd collection, launching tomorrow 9pm!

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  • I love chewing on my straws too so that metal straw is so… odd! haha but thanks for the heads up on the sweetness of that Cookie Sandwich!

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