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On July 9, 2018 by Michelle

Hi everyone!


Are you someone who loved receiving gifts or giving your loved ones gifts? Gifting is one of the languages of love and for me, I would say that it is one of the top few languages of love for me. I always feel very much appreciated and warm and fuzzy when I received presents from my loved ones, even if it is from something simple and basic such as a spectacle cloth in my favorite Sanrio character or my go-to tea every day from the supermarket. I would always feel special and loved whenever I receive flowers and bouquets, and given that fresh flowers do not last, I always have a special place in my heart for dried flowers. There is something about dried flowers that gives me a very relaxed and soothing vibe.

A few days back, I received a lovely blue themed dried flower bouquet from the Floral Garage Singapore! If the recipient is not a big fan of the regular pinks and reds that most flower bouquets are, this is a great alternative!

Very seldom do I see a blue themed dried flower bouquet as most shops would provide the regular mix of dried lavender, baby breaths, and regular wheat. This bouquet however, contains wild flowers and blue dyed dried wheat. How cute!

So this bouquet is called Aouli on Floral Garage Singapore. Click here for the link. The delivery was prompt and on time, even though the delivery was arranged just one day before. There was another bouquet which is oh so lovely, called Walk in the Park from Floral Garage Singapore.

If you love giving dried flower bouquets to your loved ones, I would say Floral Garage Singapore is a good florist to consider given their wide range of bouquets available, even for the fresh flower bouquets.


This bouquet now fit nicely into my little corner of all my dried bouquets. These double up as a good room decor piece or backdrop too! That explains my love for dried flowers.

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