Feature: Pandora Bracelet (with Around The World + Christmas 2012 Charms)

On September 22, 2012 by Michelle

Hey everyone!


Sorry for the lack of updates lately! I was tied down with work, busy busy busy! I wonder how some full-time working bloggers juggle their time between their blog, work and life! Whenever I reach home after work, my pillow is the first thing I smell! Yes, I sleep flat on my stomach most of the time.

That aside, I was loaned a Pandora bracelet for two weeks, thanks to Pandora and Crowd. I get to pick a few charms from Pandora’s newest and upcoming collections!

Pandora are iconic for their charm bracelets. With a wealth of charms to choose from, you get to combine to create your own style! Ain’t it cool to be able to express your own personal style?

Pandora will be launching their Autumn-Winter Collection this September. The collection includes:
  • Twisted Sterling Silver
  • Animal Murano
  • Black Onyx
  • Enamel Rings
  • Facetted Charms
  • Ornamental Gold Charms
  • Black Rhodium and Blue Pearls
  • National Icons

I have picked the basic silver Collier bracelet that retails at SGD$124. Regardless of whether you have narrow or thicker wrists, fear not, the silver Collier bracelet comes in a few sizes (16-23cm).

Here are the charms that I have picked for my Pandora bracelet:

My most favourite pieces have to be the National Icons charm, that were just launched this September. The few Nation Icons I chose were London’s majestic big ben clock tower, iconic blue and red London bus and the statue of liberty, new york’s enduring symbol of freedom.

Pandora’s global travel icon charm collection immortalises some of the world’s most recognizable landmarks in sterling silver.Pandora’s travel charms capture and keep alive your special travel moments, allowing you to carry them with you and cherish for years to come. add them to existing travel-inspired charms such as a dinky jet, camera or a suitcase, or conceptualize your collection with charms that relate to your heritage or preferred destination. Whatever you choose,  you create the design to tell your story.


The charms that are in the permanent collection in this picture include the birthday cake, good luck, and evil eye charm!

As Pandora bracelets are all about creating your own stories, your own chapters in life, let me explain to you as to why I choose these specific charms:

Birthday cake: Well, my birthday is coming soon! 17th October to be exact. In addition to that, my dream is to open my own cafe that sells…you’ve guessed it! Cakes!

Good luck: This bracelet was loaned to me at the appropriate time! Just a day after I receive the bracelet, it was the day my university released my final year results. And yes, I have graduated now!  Yipee! I think this good luck charm works! *winks*

Evil eye: What goes around, comes around. I believe in karma and hence the evil eye. The evil eye is a look that is believed by many to be able to cause bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike. Being a Libra, everything must be of a balance to me.

Doesn’t all these charms fit perfectly with the Nation Icons charms?

This bejeweled charm is from the Christmas collection that will be coming out in the later quarter of the year. So now, here is a sneak peek! Beside silver, there are other colours such as pink and blues.

With arm accessories getting more popular in the fashion world today (heard of arm swag and arm parties?), you can definitely layer on more arm candies together with your pandora bracelet.

Here, I layered it with an adjustable double skull headed bracelet (gifted by ACAP).

Beside bracelets, Pandora also carries earrings, necklaces and even watches! Pandora Magazine also keep you updated with the new releases to their line.

What I find coolest, is the Pandora bracelet designer applicaiton where you can build your own virtual Pandora bracelets with their charms.

After having worn this loaned bracelet for two weeks, I definitely feel like owning one myself! This would be my idea dream bracelet (a little too chunky but I love each charm I picked – there is a story to it) :

Do share yours with me!


Thanks for reading ~

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