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On September 29, 2012 by Michelle

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Martha Tilaar, the famous Indonesian beauty product brand, has set foot in Singapore and opened its first shop in Marina Square and now their second outlet at Jurong Point.

With its classy chic interior and aromatic teas filling the shop with a sweet soothing scent, you will immediately know why the Martha Tilaar brand is so hot in Indonesia and Malaysia – it is au natural. Made from only natural ingredients, Martha Tilaar is famous for having their own plantations in order to completely delve into producing only organic products.

With its wide-ranging stable of sub-brands under the Martha Tilaar umbrella brand, the group offers an impressive array of beauty and well-being choices for women of all ages and income groups. While many of its products and treatments feature the ancient wisdom of traditional Indonesian herbal ingredients (jamu) and other natural plant extracts, Martha Tilaar also produces a wide variety of up-to-the-minute color cosmetics and skincare, body care and hair care products for the modern woman.

Tucked away at the corner of the shop at Jurong Point is an armchair for the customers to relax and try Martha Tilaar own brewed tea. Martha Tilaar have their own plantation in Indonesida, making sure that all their ingredients are organic and natural. They start from scratch with their own advanced laboratories based back in Indonesia. Adhering to the international standards as they are an ISO certified organization, you can definitely be at peace when using their products, or even consuming them.

Lifestyle nowadays are hectic and so busy that one can suffocate. The stress, pollution plus an unhealthy choice of food can be detrimental to our body and skin. Martha Tilaar Innovation Center understands the demands, by presenting their own tea – Sariayu Jamu Garden tea

The most popular tea is of course the slimming tea, where one can detoxify their body, ridding the body of toxic and water retention for a slimmer self.

The shop carries a few range of beauty products made from Indonesia’s natural ingredients and are all developed specifically for everybody living in the tropics.

Dewi Sri Spa Range

Lengend has it that Dewi Sri is the goddess of paddy and fertility, was an unrivaled beauty. The rice plant has been known to have beneficial effects on the skin’s natural health and regeneration  I am very sure many of you know of a big brand in Asia using an ingredient derived from rice. Well, Mathar Tilaar is using the same concept as well!

Based on scientific researched, rice is a rich source of Vitamin E tocotrienols that contains 40-60 times more antioxidant effect than the Vitamin E alpha tocopherol, Vitamin B complex, gamma oryzanol, phytosterol, CoQ10 and Ceramide that are known for their multi benefits. They haelp uncover softer and fresher skin, increase its elasticity  brighten skin tone and inhibit early aging thanks to the Ceramide, which protects the skin’s homeostasis.

From these long standing tradition and scientific researches, Dewi Sri Spa emerges with its product lines, all based on natural goodness of rice combined with various pure essentials oils to bring out your beautiful skin. Now you can enjoy the spa experience at the comfort of your own home with Dewi Sri Spa products. What’s best is that they are all organic!

Making use of essentials from fruits and flowers, Dewi Sri Spa Signature range have products made from:

  • Cucumber Melon – Enriched with vitamin C, glucida and amino acid
  • Javanese Rose – Symbolize love and ever lasting grace
  • White Tea – Enriched with antioxidant from catechin, epi-gallocatechin and polyphenol
  • Passion of Manggis – Enriched with magostin, xanthones and beta cartoene as antixodant with vitamin C
  • White Hibiscus – Riched with white petals, keeping useful AHA elements
  • Peach Dlima – Enriched with vitamin C, vitamin A and polyphenol as antioxidant
  • Virgin Coconut Oil – Enriched with natural fatty aci such as caprinic acid, capric acid and lauric acid
  • Mangga Delight – High in nutrients and flavonoid which promotes antioxidant
  • Mallika Slendor – Contains jasmine oil

Dewi Sri Spa has a new range, deriving its inspiration from Pomelo, Belewah, Ocean, Forest and coelogyn Marthae.


Dewi Sri Spa Classic Range – Body Contour

A mix of Rice Extract with Lemon and Patchouli Essential Oil to keep your ideal shape. Regenerate, reducing cellulite, while shape up the body. It help to improve blood circulation, the lymphatic system and promotes skin regeneration.

Dewi Sri Spa Innoshape line

Pictured here is their Stretchmark Lessening Cream. This contains Centella Asiatica, Collagen, Theopyllisilane C, Zingiber Zerumbet, D-Panthenol and patchouli oil to help inhibit the appearance of stretchmarks.

Beside body butters, body mists, shower gels and lotions, Dewi Sri Spa has soaps and candles as well. Perfect as gifts!

Sariayu make up range

Martha Tilaar also carries makeup kit, inspired by sunsets and peacocks. With their organic ingredients, I believe nature lovers would love to own these kits.

Sariayu Solusi organic range

This range contains 100% organic grape seed oil and licorice extract.  Beside face bases, they have a skincare under this range as well!

I have the say the prices are very affordable!

Thanks Martha Tilaar for introducing this brand to me and my readers. I have product reviews from this brand coming right up! Stay tuned!


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